18 – The Great Reset Marches On
Jun 26, 2021

I Host a webshow/podcast. Army Dad. Author. Media and marketing guy. I share stuff I don’t agree...


  1. Bipartisan Anti-Trust Bill -
  2. Mercola – The great reset and the transhumanism movement
  3. Iran Sanction to be lifted
  4. Dong Reappearance?
  5. Woke to Broke – MLB Sunday nights off 49%
  6. Televangelist Jim Bakker to pay $156K
  7. Key Inflation Indicator Biggest gain in 3 decades
  8. Biden a. All Latinos are illegal b. Blames Employers c. Weird Whisper
  9. Republicans a. Sen Kennedy – it’s screw the people act b. Cruz rips Chipman c. Mary Miller asks Cardona how many genders there are d. Pence – proud of his actions e. Leftists getting ready to infiltrate f. Plan B is Contraception
  10. Luxembourg’s Gay PM says Hungary’s law intolerant
  11. Tucker Roasts Stelter
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  • Ive been starting my family when i opened up. i dove deep and have been watching everyday since. Im not scared. We are protected when we all learn how to protect ourselves. Yes. Guns for everyone. Safety classes and lectures. Not to create a normal overload, but to Peacefully Prepare for Protection, including intruders. Secure you

  • Men can now rape children freely and openly. Thats the narrative. I can fuck whoever i want whenever i want. Give me more drugs. Cycle

  • Protect me and my children. I know to much, i sniff it out. Ive been a target. McAfee has been hiding in a hole secluded thru international waters only unsecured area not for long. He had posted the same address of the building collapse before he was suicided by our President.

  • Anthropocene : Philanthropy : Philosophers predicting abused patterns in people is their moral code.

  • A Carrot placed in front of idiots: will they follow? Yes, of course they will! They take advice from a pillow salesman! LOL!

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