19 - The Return of Trump
Jun 28, 2021

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19 – The Return of Trump

  1. Miami a. Collapse Video b. Death Toll is at 9
  2. Heatwave Simmers the NW
  3. Women push back against MAN in women’s room
  4. Flashback a. McAfee on Trump b. McAfee Widow Speaks Out
  5. Chauvin Verdict a. Van Jones Responds b. George Floyd’s Brother
  6. Blinken Visits Pope to Reset US Vatican Relations
  7. Filibuster a. AOC – senate amplifies minority power b. Sara Isgur – Biden Snatched Victory from Defeat
  8. Trump Rally a. Crowd Chants – Lock Her Up – Pelosi b. Crowd Erupts over MTG – Impeach Biden c. Trump – Press Sec with the Extremely Red Hair d. Trump Reads the Snake
  9. Information Control a. Cruz – Accumulation of Power by Big Tech b. Maher Goes Off on Big Tech
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  • Per Blinken's visit to the Vatican remember it was Dan Quale as Senator in 1983 who pushed to open up diplomatic relations with the Vatican by sending a permanent ambassador, which is something Ronald Reagan supported. Reason: To work with Rome to take down the USSR.

  • I love that woman pointing out that pervert man flaunting his penis in front of women and girls who don't want to see it. It is about time women stand up for themselves and their daughters. Men you need to step up too!

  • If you are going to "RESPECT" the house that is YOUTUBE... you are contributing to their agenda. Take the hint. STOP all participation with anyone who would do what they have done to you and others. PUNISH them rather than groveling at their knees. Figures of their numbers are lies just as anything else to do with MSM should be expected to be. Help AMERICA make them an empty echo chamber for Satanists and pedophiles who will remain no matter what. Carry on your good work somewhere, ANYWHERE ELSE.

  • I am sorry but it was Trump who signed the Emergency Act we are still under and then gave Billions of Taxpayer money to rush an untested vaccine out and signed other acts that take Americans rights away and all I am saying is be careful of what you wish for Media has created these situations before and no one can be re-elected and we will see more and more as elections get closer those who come out talking they will do something now but we cannot keep playing their game but replace everyone just to start and they must agree to go after the 3 letter agencies and do what the constitution says and take on Treasonous Traitor no matter who or what they are

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