27 – Haiti Makes Arrests, Trump Sues, Cameras in Classrooms
Jul 14, 2021

I Host a webshow/podcast. Army Dad. Author. Media and marketing guy. I share stuff I don’t agree...


a. Haiti Police Battle Gunman b. 1994 Biden "No One Would Care If Haiti Just Quietly Sunk Into The Caribbean" 2) Rescue turns to recovery in Surfside condo collapse 3) England fans burst with joy after semi-final win 4) U.S. considers visas for vulnerable Afghan women 5) Trump Lawsuit a. Free Speech is a God Given Right b. Big Tech is Acting as an arm of the Government, Democrat Party 6) Former Acting Def Sec – Trump Tried to Deploy National Guard 7) CRT a. AFT’s Weingarten on CRT b. Professor on MSNBC- GOP Attacks on CRT Is Trying To Stoke White Resentment c. Tucker Carlson proposes putting cameras in the classroom 8) Reporter Matt Lee Schools State Dept Spokesman 9) Rep Tlaib Wants To Eliminate Funding for Department of Homeland Security 10) Melinda Gates could leave foundation in 2 years 11) Gas Prices Under Biden Are Highest In Decade 12) Please support independent broadcasting at

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