28 – Voting Rights Push – Afghanistan to Unravel?
Jul 14, 2021

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28 – Voting Rights Push – Afghanistan to Unravel?

  1. Tokyo bans Olympic spectators after COVID emergency
  2. Global computer chip shortage plagues manufacturers
  3. Haiti's president killed by foreigners: police
  4. Most British troops have left Afghanistan
  5. Trump: Everything is a War
  6. Schumer Hints at Intel Community Revenge Plot Against Trump
  7. Tucker Carlson Roasts Michael Avenatti One Last Time
  8. Voting Rights a. Republicans are fighting a battle b. Civil Rights Leaders Meet With Biden To Discuss Voting Rights - MSNBC c. Psaki Claims Our Rights Are On The Line Because Of State Legislatures d. VP Harris – Republicans don’t want you to vote e. Former Dem. Rep: Election Integrity 'Could really cost Democrats Seats in House & Senate
  9. Afghanistan a. Would you send your son or daughter b. Taliban overwhelms Afghan troops as U.S. withdrawal looms c. Biden On Whether Afghanistan Was Worth d. Biden Says He Trusts Afghan Military
  10. NHL Shows America-Hating Athletes What Patriotism Looks Like — Chills
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