No Longer a Civic Nationalist
Jul 07, 2021

Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.


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  • The Founding Fathers were also not "civic" nationalists for they understood (as did the entire world before Marxism) race determines culture.

  • What ever happened to Rose?


  • She looks familiar. What's her name?

  • trust your instincts ... and imagine your own success; everyone else is free to do so ...

  • So many white people will continually watch as we are brow beaten, thinking that we can take it as we're the "majority". ANY white person sticking up for blacks are clueless guilt ridden cowards. Niggers are one of our worst enemies.

  • Whoever marries (married?) her is a lucky man

  • Collectivism for me but not for thee.

  • Impactful 90 seconds. Who is this/where can find moar?

  • It is time for people to learn US history. America is NOT NATIONALIST. America IS FEDERALIST.

    "Nationalism is inherently centralizing, and it is the first step toward totalitarianism. The most significant change in German government after the Nazis took power was the destruction of the power of the states of Germany. Bad nations invariably begin with the consolidation of all practical power in nationalism rather than limited central power."

    "The greatest single achievement of America was that the sovereign states were persuaded to allow in the Constitution very limited powers to a national government, while states retained the vast preponderance of government power. The Tenth Amendment put an exclamation point on that fact and the Eleventh Amendment was intended to make clear that federal courts had no power to decide cases involving states. "

  • The Jew (or fake Jew ...Rev 2:9) waged war on whites long ago, orchristrating two world wars to wipe half of us out. Our crime? We had something they wanted. Now they plan to inject us with some creepy Jew concoction.

  • Civic nationalism is just as stupid as any other utopian ideology

  • I went down exactly this path as well.

  • I have a legitimate question. If you are no longer a civic nationalist, what kind of nationalist are you?

  • Welcome to reality. We're glad to have you!

  • Well Ok? You label yourself Why? So are you saying you joined the "Walkaway Moment'? The United States is the ONLY Country/Nation that has chosen to be a experiment of Diversity. Diversity is a Fact. I had to look up "Civic Nationalist". It seems that 'liberalism' has replaced the word 'Libertarian'. Our forefathers IMHO have written the greatest documents for Laws for a Country. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are what makes the US - America the Melting Pot. The problem currently is that the Globalists, the Rulers of the world are using the Politicians not following current laws (might be 20 or less that have read and understand the above documents -by the people for the people) to start a race war in this country (second revolution or civil war) to destroy America from within, so they can come in and (order out of Chaos) take greater control. The virus and the vaccines are the start. This is happening globally. America is the strong hold. When America Falls the world goes with it. The first 15 minutes of hour 3 of inforwars 7/7/21 was talking to you.

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