A Kinder Gentler Gab
Jun 29, 2021

***PLEASE NOTE I AM UNABLE TO REPLY TO COMMENTS AT THIS TIME but I do read and appreciate them...


How I adapted Gab to Gab to my own preferences and why it's my favorite place to spend time online!

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  • First thing you have to learn about Gab is avoiding all of the Zionist kikesuckers. If you avoid those slimey rat bastards...things will be kinder and gentler.

  • Truth is brutal though and almost all races across multiple generations have been brought up to be easily offended. There is no other way but for you all to break this conditioning, else, to use your own words, you will keep being gently and kindly pushed toward the slaughter house, but so long as it is done gently and kindly, there will be no reason for you to start panicking, eh.

  • hide or block words like everything that is hateful.. I could list them but no bother. That said I don't follow back I follow people who's content I am interested in. Gab is my favorite website for social media but I did just join a lot easier to use than this.

  • I love these morons that think conflict doesn't arise out of love. Jesus said "Think not I am come to bring peace; I bring not peace, but a Sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.”

    REAL LOVE brings conflict. IT IS INEVITABLE. To truly love people you need to have a certain part of you with teeth, claws, and a nasty disposition, so you can sic it on lies, deceit and wickedness. There is not REAL PEACE where there is REAL LOVE. In this state that humanity is in it is NOT POSSIBLE for these things to coexist.

  • Thanks for this kind and helpful video!

  • All nice guys you can follow on Gab:

    Generally very polite, make funny posts that populate your timeline, etc.

  • This is very sensible advice from Der ewige Normie. To any one who watches this - this lady seems like a very sweet, decent person. Everything she said is accurate and true. But I am one of the Originals. BOO! Remember WHY you are on GAB. It's BECAUSE you've gotten booted from all the Psy opped, censored, Anti White JEW media sites. So when you run across a RacistBigotKNAAAZEEEEWhoWantstoOven6GorrillionJooz - ask "why". "Why do you want to oven 6 Gorrillion Jooz, Racist Bigot Knazzeee?" Listen and learn Then you'll learn WHY you are on GAB.

  • ", gentler..." - George Bush, globalist.

  • There are, and will be assholes anywhere you go. If a peaceful community is created, oh no the dreaded "echo chamber" accusation arises. Just like "conspiracy theory" . Or the lamest of all lame .."Antisemitism".

  • Keep at it average Citizen :)

  • Absolutely! We need a kind gentler gab that's gentle out of the goodness of people's hearts, rather than cencorship.

  • Very sensible information!

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