Vlog #2075 - Oct. 21, 2021
Oct 23, 2021

***PLEASE NOTE I AM UNABLE TO REPLY TO COMMENTS AT THIS TIME but I do read and appreciate them...


Pete's scheduled appointment in Saginaw did not go well. BUT we got to see the kids! I share my GFS receipt. Maisie keeps me company. Autumn colors in Midland, MI.

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  • You all are good people. I wish your hubby could do without pharmaceuticals. I'm a vet with ptsd. Once I got off those big pharm drugs, it took a bit getting use to, but I now see a lot more clearly. Here in California they let you use CBD's. If I get the right CBD's or combination of CBD's I feel some relief. Best way I can explain CBD's is it's like taking a pain killer without the high and constipation. But you know it may as well be better to stay very alert these days. I believe it's God's way, or Natures way of preparing the body for what it coming. Consider how animals sense danger. I use to live with 2 cats, and before ever I felt the Earthquake, the cats knew it was coming. Btw, dogs have 30x or more the sense of smell than humans do. They use their noses like we use our eyes. If you crack the window a little, your doggy can use the sniffer sensor to detect at a further distance.

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