since: February 8th 2021
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BREAKING! The EPIC Return of Q! Brand New Drops From The Real Q on The Official Board on 8Kun! PLUS, Q's Impossible 4-Year Delta on Roe V. Wade Being Overturned!
73 views ▪ 2 days ago
Texas & Arizona Decertify 2020 Election! The First Dominos Have Fallen! From 2000 Mules in 2020 to 2500 Sheriffs in 2022! Georgia Hand Recount in 159 Counties!
157 views ▪ 3 days ago
We're At The Precipice! We, The People, Are The Plan! The Military & Civilian Alliance: It's Never Been Done Before! Take The Oath to Protect & Defend America! WWG1WGA!
74 views ▪ 7 days ago
The Timing of The Plan is Trump's! Monstrous Red Wave! Phillips' Sheriffs Ensure Election Integrity!
80 views ▪ 11 days ago
Q: BIG Things Coming! Kash Patel, "Pelosi Wanted Tanks & Humvees With Machine Guns For a January 6th Massacre!" PLUS, Agenda 2030 & Weather Modification!
109 views ▪ 14 days ago
Trump's Trap! [They] Took The Bait! Pelosi, Schumer & The FBI Staged Jan. 6 & Trump Caught Them All! Plus Q's Perfect Prediction of January 6th to the Day!
71 views ▪ 16 days ago
Kash Patel: Two More John Durham Indictments! BOMBSHELL New Clinton Investigation! Will Bill & Hillary Face Murder Charges? PLUS, Q's Epic Prediction of Twitter's Collapse!
222 views ▪ 20 days ago
Multi-National Billion Dollar Counter-Intelligence Operation 10 TIMES More Explosive Than 2000 Mules! Durham-Sussman Verdict! Arizona Atomic Truth Bomb! [S]elections! PLUS Seth Keshel's on The Q Team!
112 views ▪ a month ago
Trump's EPIC NRA Speech, "We'll Train Teachers to Conceal Carry! If We Can Send $40B to Ukraine, We Can Afford to Protect Our Children!"
69 views ▪ a month ago
2000 Mules Leading To Arrests! Atomic Truth Bombs! What Comes Next Will Blow Your Mind! It's So Much Bigger! PLUS, The Latest Durham Developments! And The Assault on The 2nd Amendment!
199 views ▪ a month ago
General Mike Flynn: Pain Coming! Durham Indictments & Convictions! Kash Patel, "It's Getting Hot! And It's About to Get Fun!" Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan Next?
79 views ▪ a month ago
The Monkeypox Midterm Lockdowns! New U.S. Monetary System! Peter Strzok & Lisa Page Flipped! Hillary's $100 Million Hoax!
78 views ▪ a month ago
Breaking! BOMBSHELL! Clinton Campaign Manager Flips! Reveals [HRC] Corruption! Mook's Shocking Testimony! Suicide Weekend! Q's Impossible 4-Year Delta!
110 views ▪ a month ago
Breaking John Durham Developments! Crooked Hillary Crimes Revealed! Trump Caught The Swamp! PLUS, Epic Q Proof! SC Justices 24/7 Protection!
126 views ▪ a month ago
Durham Targets Clinton! Stage Set! HRC Videos Released in Times Square! Ministry of Truth CANCELED! TRUTH Social Launches Website/Android! PLUS 120,000 Biden Laptop Emails Released BQQM Week Continues
94 views ▪ a month ago
SHOCKING! Trump Just Confirmed Q to The World! Plus Impossible Decode Solved! P Equals 23 Queen of Spades [HRC] Has Blood on Her Hands!
76 views ▪ a month ago
Breaking! Durham Indictments! Arrests, Prosecutions & Prison [GAME ON] FBI, Clinton, Obama, Strzok & McCabe [Knowingly] Committed Treason & Sedition!
165 views ▪ a month ago
BREAKING! Trump's Triumphant Return #Top Secret! Next Week! Kash Patel's EPIC Announcement Today on Truth Social! The Return of The MAGA King ...Next Week!
124 views ▪ a month ago
Q: You're Watching a Scripted Movie! Biden: Fake President on a Fake White House Set! W.H.O.'s Pulling The Strings?
120 views ▪ 2 months ago
Q: A Week to Remember! The Bottom Line: Pain is Coming! The Military is The Only Way! D5 Avalanche!
128 views ▪ 2 months ago

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