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Catholic — News Report — Fetal Cell Lines Everywhere
Aug 12, 2021

Church Militant

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  • How do you know if a product contains fetal cell lines ? How are the cells used in relation to the products please - any info would be appreciated. There are a few sites but nothing explicit on this matter. Thanks

  • I've known fetal cell lines are used in foods for years and was called a crazy anti-vaxer and conspiracy theorist. It's nice to see it being recognized by more of the public. Nestle isn't the only brand either! Check out Starbucks some time...

  • I was raised Protestant, but I am proud of my fellow Catholic Christians who are behind this network. Thank you Church Militant for the work you do!

  • Thanks for sharing this info. Very concerning and heartbreaking. Murdering babies so we won't get sick.😭💉💀🤰🤱

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