Jan 31, 2022

Colion Noir

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The 39-year-old man was delivering food on the 3300 block of H Street Thursday night when a 35-year-old suspect walked up to him, pointed a gun at him and told him to give up his car, according to investigators.

The delivery driver then pulled out his own weapon and opened fire, shooting the suspect multiple times.

The suspect was taken to Temple University Hospital in critical condition. The delivery driver was not hurt.

The shooting was one of several recent incidents in which would-be robbers or carjackers were shot by their intended victims in Philadelphia. Follow @Colion Noir Shorts ​

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  • Fuck the media

  • I hope that delivery person got a great tip and was not scared off.

  • This is great news out of Kensington. Mother in law lives there and I've finally convinced her to leave that dump.

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  • Crime is rapidly rising almost everywhere. "Stay-Tuned" GAB

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