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Dave Chappelle Attack On Stage Is Why We Have The 2nd Amendment
May 11, 2022

Colion Noir

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Superstar comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked and tackled on stage in the middle of a performance at the Hollywood Bowl.

The assailant, who was in the audience, carried a knife that looked like a gun.

He climbed onto the stage and attacked Chappelle in the middle of his set. The man then ran behind a screen on the stage.

The assailant was immediately detained by the venue's security team and later taken to the hospital with superficial injuries.

Even if I had private security, I would still carry a firearm for protection.

Watching the entire video, it took about five seconds from the point when the guy made contact with Dave Chappelle to the moment when the security could reach Chappelle and pull the guy off of him.

Dave Chappelle's security team was not the first responders during those five seconds.

Do you know who it was? Dave Chappelle

This is no different than everybody else out here; you are your own first responder.

You can't rely on anyone else but yourself for your safety.

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  • Last thing the world needs is more niggers with guns.

  • WARREN v. DC CASTLEROCK v. GONZALES ----The government has NO responsibility, nor obligation to keep you, your family, or your property safe in any way... NONE. That is the responsibility of the individual and the entire reason we have the choice(personal liberty protected by the 9th amendment) to be able to protect those things, with arms(2nd amendment).... Not just small arms, like they wish we believe.

  • Dave Chappelle really is a superstar comedian. The man is so damn funny and he sure as hell didn't deserve anything like this, and Chris Rock didn't deserve to be bitch slapped by Will Smith.

  • Remember that ultimately the 2nd amendment was written on a piece of paper 200 years ago and like the rest of the constitution, only guarantees our rights as long as we are willing to stand up for them.

  • Spare me that sanctimonious bullshit. That amendment was written to so we could overthrow the government, not so communist muslims can tell jokes in peace. Also, who gives a shit if Chapelle gets killed on stage - might be the best thing he ever did!

  • Keep in mind that behind the attacker was a crowd of people, opening fire in that direction would be a bad idea

  • So messed up that Chappelle got attacked like that...

  • It's not the weapons, it's your dumb nigger race that's causing all the problems. I don't care if you are pro-2nd amendment or not, go back to Africa.

  • w,smith should be behind bars just like this mental case .. but no smith got an award n standing ovation .. I see no difference between the two men attacking someone on stage .. just saying .

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