Apr 29, 2022

Colion Noir

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Santa Rosa County, Florida, Sheriff Bob Johnson told reporters Thursday his constituents save taxpayers money by shooting intruders.

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  • Smart fo a government employee.

  • A dead criminal does not reoffend. Shoot to kill.

  • Johnson's advice is legally accurate, several criminal defense attorneys told NPR. Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law lets people use deadly force to prevent a forcible felony β€” including home invasion. And the intruder doesn't need to have a weapon. "There is no requirement that they be armed before someone can exercise their right to defend their property," said Fort Lauderdale attorney Jason Blank, who chairs the Florida Bar's Criminal Law Section.

  • having the ability to defend yourself and your family is not just your right, its being responsible. Criminals should NOT be treated like they deserve to be cared for by the government if they break into your home, like in Canada if you shoot and wound someone breaking in to steal or maybe even hurt your family, YOU get in trouble, not the criminal and that itself is wrong many times over!

  • What is said about criminals.. Fearing their intended victim... The EXACT same thing goes to government employees who wish to infringe on any of the inalienable rights of American citizens.. They shouldn't fearlessly be incrementally attacking the rights of the people, Or creating Narratives and Propaganda fooling the stupid into surrendering Freedom under the guise of safety and equality that already exists as an American citizens... They do NOT Fear committing crimes against the people.. Until they DO Fear the people because of Deadly consequences for Tyranny, Treason and crime They will Only become more embolden and fool more of the stupid with their fear porn..

  • Yes sir!

  • Agree 100000% in South Africa crime is out of control due to gun control, every criminal owns a truck load of guns, except the honest residents, its a nightmare 😒

  • Comment.... Let's go shoot this 50cal BMG together. Because the only range that would allow it shut down. Got some black tip. reed/silver, brown, silver, green/silver<--yes, red/yellow, purple, etc. I mean I bought this mountain of ammo before the ammo hike and here I am sitting on it without a place to fire it off.

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