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How The Buffalo Mass Shooter Got Exactly What He Wanted
May 18, 2022

Colion Noir

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An 18-year-old psychopath is trolling America.

Everything this guy did was designed to get media attention and drive the most significant divide possible by placating every talking point the anti-gun far left has.

He packaged an online mass shooting starter kit and gave it to the media and said, "Make me famous and make some more mass shooters," The media said. Ok.

He wanted to solidify himself as the architect of how to become more famous than ever by committing mass shootings, and it worked!

Congratulations to America's Mainstream Media! You did it again.

You made another sociopathic low-life famous for killing a bunch of people and inspired future shooters in the process.

Especially now, considering We are living at the height of clout chasing, where people eat laundry detergent for views, this is no different, except the clout chaser is an evil psychopath who was chasing clout with a gun in his hands.

I promise you, if he thought no one would talk about him, mention his name or watch his disgusting little live stream, He wouldn't have done this because his motivation was attention, and we just gave it to him in spades and then wonder why we keep having these copy cat mass shootings.

And, of course, the anti-gun lobby and their anti-gun politician exploited this shooting to push gun control right on cue.

Here's the irony the shooter said he chose to: "carry it out in New York due to its strict open carry gun laws, which would make it harder for someone to stop him."

This is not rocket science; shooters like these are cowards looking for easy targets.

Body armor and an AR-15 don't make you immortal

When you have other people shooting back at you, it changes everything; you go from I'm to kill everyone in this place to, oh shoot, I'm being shot at

That shifts the focus away from killing unarmed innocent people to the people shooting at you, giving the unarmed people time to escape.

That security guard may have lost his life, but because the shooter had to deal with the security guard shooting at him in the first place, there's no telling many lives he saved just by having a gun.

Long story short, gun control creates victims, not safety.

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  • It is psychological manipulation of the masses. Media is part of the psyop. The shooter stated he targeted people in gun control areas. The shooter is a Ukraine maniac. The shooter is onboard with everything Joe Biden and his puppet masters command him to do. The shooter is a weapon for the tyrannical totalitarian globalist's to further subjugate us and tighten their cuffs on us.

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