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Kimber R7 Mako Review - Is Kimber's First Polymer Handgun Worth The Hype?
Aug 19, 2021

Colion Noir

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When Kimber told me they were sending me their new gun, a striker-fired double-stack plastic gun with a red dot was not what I was expecting.

What I got to shoot and review was their new R7 MAKO (OI).

The OI stands for Optic Installed.

The First 1911 I ever bought was a Kimber Ultra raptor. I have no shame in saying that I bought that gun simply because of the way it looked.

Kimber has always been known for making attractive-looking 1911s, and I have to say they've done the same with the R7 Mako.

Here is my Kimber R7 Mako Review where I go over the Kimber R7 Design, features, trigger, grip, price, shootability, and more.

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  • Great review! Thanks for posting it to Gab TV.

  • If I'm paying Kimber prices I don't expect plastic.

  • long range polymer viability studies...

  • Did some Glock patents expire or something? Seeing a lot of polymer, striker-fired pistols being released in the past year.

  • you can see why your groups are the way they are at 4:15. Watch him shoot in slow mo, his thumb needs to be stiffer.

  • I was considering purchasing this for my wife, now I'm gonna purchase it for myself instead.

  • Trojan Team Tactical...GAB TV

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