Feb 08, 2022

Colion Noir

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I understand tactically why no-knock warrants exist, but I feel they’re unnecessary.

I’m not a cop on the street arresting criminals, so I’m not going to act like I’m an expert on how they should or shouldn’t do their job.

I am a person who sleeps on his couch from time to time, and during those times, I have a gun right next to me.


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  • Any cop involved in a no-knock warrant that results in the death of an innocent (mistake) individual on the inside of a private home should be charged and tried accordingly. Period. Either that, or do away with no-knock warrants. If you can't "Cop" wihout No-Knocks.... find a more suitable career, coward.

  • This has gone on for MANY years and I love the fact they got shot. If you fuck up you pay the price. That man would be almost undoubtedly been dead and the police would have said "Sorry" and his family would have to go to court to get restitution. No knock raids better be verified and thoroughly! At 5 or 5am many people would go on instinct. If you do not identify and knock-you eap what you sow.

  • What is a no knock warrant? I played this video to learn but I'm still in the dark here.

  • no knock should only be done for raiding a drug house but for individual that an overkill

  • Safest solution. Surround the place. Get the intended suspects attention. Find out who is in there. Call him out. He ain't goin nowhere.

  • No Knock warrants and Secret Courts Hearken to the days of King George and his Sadistic Enforcers....

  • The only thing armed citizens need worry about is police. criminals will weed themselves out. Police kill innocents far too often

  • I lived in a nearly all white neighborhood within a low crime city. In the early hours there was a hard pounding at my front door. I thought that the front door would give. I had no idea who was at my front door. Cutting to the end of the story, nine federal marshals were there to arrest someone. They had the wrong address.

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