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Ruger SR22 It's Really Hard Not To Like This Gun - First Mag
Jun 30, 2021

Colion Noir

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The Ruger SR22 has what I like to call the baby Yoda effect. You can't help finding this gun incredibly adorable, considering how small it is. On the surface, adorable may seem like a negative thing depending on who you talk to, but adorable is a good thing in this sense if you ask me.

When you see baby Yoda, you can't help but smile. In comparison, it's tough not to smile while shooting such a small yet capable firearm, the Ruger SR22.

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  • I have the M&P 22 Tac with Sup. Can shoot it in the house and nobody get upset. Wife loves it.

  • May I ask sir what is the price range? Are silencers outlawed? Don't hate on me people... I just like the gun he is exhibiting.

  • Oh man, so happy to see you posting on here!

  • Most assault weapons shoot smaller bullets than a .22 caliber. 5.56 is smaller than a .22 caliber. Are they more fun? Let us know.

  • I love the one I bought 3-4 years ago. The problem with mine is that when the mag has 10 rounds, I will get a FTF about half the time. 7 rounds or less and it feeds fine. I cut 2-3 coils off of the mag spring thinking too much tension causing too much drag on the slide. That didn't fix it so I set mine to the side for my kids to learn on at the range, not that would CC a rimfire pistol anyway.

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