Jan 30, 2022

Colion Noir

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Do you know who won't have to pay this nominal fee? Criminals.

A Criminal isn't going to get liability insurance to own a gun!

What's more messed is that You're taxing gun owners twice!

If nothing else, this is Economic discrimination. The Fee may be nominal to you, but what about the struggling single parent mother working two jobs who has a gun because she lives in a dangerous part of the city?

You're punishing her for wanting to protect herself.

What about the senior citizen living alone and living off a minimal income because they're too old to work and need a gun to protect themselves?

You're punishing them! But he doesn't care because he and his billionaire buddies have tons of money.

Do you know what's so messed up and borderline brilliant about this law?

It forces gun owners to give money to the ANTI-Gun Lobby!

It forces gun owners to pay to help the Anti-gun lobby strip them of their gun rights.

They claim the fee will be given to non-profits to support programs aimed at reducing gun violence.

Does anyone want to guess a non-profit claiming to help reduce gun violence?

Every Town for Gun Safety.

The same anti-gun group that's funded by this mayors buddy Mike Bloomberg.

This law is straight-up theft!


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  • please come on board to GAB

  • man the GREED NEVER ENDS!!!!! HEY dumbshit lets see you get the criminal s to agree to your fees!!!!!!!

  • Shall not be infringed. A fee under any name (tax, insurance) is infringement.

  • Did you reach out to the news person conducting the interview to educate her on her knowledge of those statistics? Oh, and 75% of all statistics are made up. :)

  • For every step you take back, they will take a step forward. For every inch of ground you give up, you will have to fight tooth and nail to get back. The Left is not backing down. Why would you?

  • The fee is illegal and in fact treason, a crime punishable by death. That being said, I don't think any tribe incapable if creating such weapons, should be allowed to possess such weapons. Look what they do with them.

  • Why would they go after criminals. Criminals might use deadly force to stop them. More money in oppressing law abiding citizens. Law abiding citizens are not threat to them either. They are cowards who are unable to stand up for justice and defend the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  • People like them like to attack docile law abiding people, and they will never stop unless they are forced to stop with deadly force, but they know that law abiding citizens will not break the law and use deadly force to stop they, so they continue to violate and abuse the law abiding people. They are truly evil, smug, entitled, narcissist, oppressive, tyrants.

  • Mayor made oath to defend constitution. Is this defending or harming the constitution, the people's right to bear arms, 2A? Intentionally double taxing a constitutionally protected right using your feable pathetic arguments appears as though you are intentionally attempting to harm the constitution, our right, by penalizing those who choose to assert their God given right. This gives the appearance of treason. Are you so confident in your argument that you are willing to suffer the consequences of treason? Or are you confident that there are enough on the side of treason that you don't really care?

  • People need to tell it like it is. These folks are Demonic and don't care about anybody. Demonic Globalist !

  • This is insane.

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