Tennessee Pastor Tackles & Disarms Man Waving Gun in Church
Nov 11, 2021

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"Why would you need to carry a gun in church?"

I posted a picture of the gun I was carrying to go to a wedding not too long ago.

There were some comments from people who felt that carrying a gun to a wedding was a bit much or that it wasn't necessary.

I haven't been to church in a while, but anytime I do go, I carry a gun.

When people learn this about me, they give me the same reaction:

"What do you think is going to happen?"

"Nothing is going to happen; you think someone is going to shoot up a church, you're crazy!"

And to that, my response is, "Am I really?"

I don't pick and choose where I carry a gun based on the likely hood of me needing to use it; the whole point of carrying a gun on me is because I'm never really sure where I will need it.

It's part of my routine at this point. I grab my keys, my wallet, and my gun before I go out the door. It's not that complicated. I don't even think about it while it's on me.

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  • For someone that doesn't go to church regular you sure know how to preach it brother!

  • Come to our church. Sit behind the pastor with your battle rifle. Get a good sermon and watch the door behind us. Come on over.

  • To anyone who has "a right to feel safe." Hey, great job discovering the second amendment. Time to start carrying!

  • I stand by you and your decision. I have been traveling a lot more at night by myself and will be carrying for protection. Who would think a mom, grandma and great-grandma would ever do that? I need to be prepared even though I Do look to my protector God! Thanks for sharing.

  • Great Patriotic dissertation. Thank you Colion.

  • Yes, carry your conceal and carry to protect the congregants from these wacko's. It's called being prepared!

  • thank God for sheep dogs

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