Apr 20, 2022

Colion Noir

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So a woman in Houston was just robbed at knifepoint in Texas.

Once they ban guns, they'll be trying to ban the next effective means of protection like they are already doing in other countries.

Criminals don't stop being criminals because you pass a law on a piece of paper.

Too many people live in a fantasy world where they genuinely believe they can ban their way to utopia.

She got robbed at 5:10 pm, which is arguably the busiest time of the day.

That should tell you something.

These criminals don't care about your gun control laws.

Do you think someone daring enough to commit an armed robbery in broad daylight at a bank that was likely still open cares about an assault weapon ban?

Do you believe a criminal like that cares about a background check?

These criminals aren't scared to go to jail because they know they won't be there that long in the first place.

The first thing taught when you take a self-defense firearm course is situational awareness, especially when you're at an ATM, regardless of what day or time it is.

Our current government doesn't want to teach you to defend yourself; they want you to depend on them for your safety because it gives them more control over you.

The police are not your first line of defense, and that is why I always say and will continue to say, buy a gun, learn gun safety and get self-defense training because YOU are your first line of defense.

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  • I always watch everything going on around me when I am out in public, but even at home, I remain armed at all times just in case of a home invasion.

    While it is very unlikely anyone will kick in my door, if they do, I will be ready. Keeping your firearm locked up and unloaded is a real disaster plan, one the administration of shits and giggles approves of!

  • Been following Colion for a while now. I even ended up buying my Ruger LCP Max after watching one of his videos. People like Colion are the ones keeping our God given rights alive in this country.

  • Labeling violent crime "gun violence" is an old democrat talking point barely relevant to what seems an ongoing wave of gang-inspired crime in America. Even as El Savadoran leaders launch their own crack-down on violent crime, U.S. authorities, including the President, still see crime as a way to win votes. Honestly, it is unbelievable that Courts or the Congress did not pursue election fraud and treason charges against this President and remove him from office, by force if necessary. At the end of the day, Americans should not need to arm themselves to deal with daily crime; that is why we have law enforcement. The question is: Why have police, courts and prosecutors ignored crime forcing ordinary citizens to take measures to protect themselves? It seems pretty clear this is all deliberate. Enough!

  • Why not just ban niggers?

  • Excellent commentary! You hit all the bases. This video should be required viewing for all leftist-liberal-regressives. (Might reach a couple of t hem. . .but maybe not.) It would be particularly useful for youngsters.

  • Always love your commonsense commentaries Colion. Please keep them coming.

  • Can't stand this Look at me Nigga, would love to beat him within an inch of his worthless POS life!

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