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The Deadly Consequences Of Shooting in the Air
Jan 10, 2022

Colion Noir

Attorney | 2A Advocate | Dallas / Houston 🤘🏿| Firearm 🔫 & Car 🏎 Enthusiast |🎥...



Shooting Celebratory Gunfire in the air whether it's at 90 degrees or 45 degrees... IS REALLY STUPID.

Stop doing this period. It's extremely dangerous. You're literally playing Russian roulette with other people's lives and property.

A falling Bullet can reach speeds of up to and above 200mph.

Nothing about it is okay.

Go to the gun range in the morning if you want to shoot that bad

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  • We don't fire into the air for the same reason they banned "jarts" (lawn dart). Ammo costs enough; don't let it cost an innocent life.

  • Some people are so stupid. A bit surprised at the racist trash on here too. Grow up.

  • I remember the Boogie2988 vs Frank Hassle incident. Who provoked Who, and so on - I was right there with Boogie's side of the issue until he fired a 'warning shot' into the air.

  • Collin thanks for all you do.

  • Are you seriously black on gab?!? That’s not very 1488 of you

    Gtfo my website nigger trash bag 😤

  • Myth Busters did an episode on this. Shooting ~straight up produces bullets falling at terminal velocity. They might put an eye out, but they won't penetrate a skull or most clothing. They don't fall much faster than hail.

  • I told them "FOR ONE THING THE AMMO is too dam expensive to waste and I WAS TAUGHT THIS A LONG TIME AGO TO NEVER SHOOT INTO THE "AIR"!

  • ...especially in the city, retards.

  • Can't fuckin stand this look a me Nigga piece of shit!

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