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The Truth About Joe Biden's Claim That Guns Are the #1 Killer Of Children
Jun 05, 2022

Colion Noir

Attorney | 2A Advocate | Dallas / Houston 🤘🏿| Firearm 🔫 & Car 🏎 Enthusiast |🎥...



Biden claims more kids are dying from guns than cars.

What Joe Biden is not telling you is that the CDC study he refers to defines children as persons 1 to 19 years of age.

Joe Biden wants you to think that it's a bunch of little kids dying because of school shootings.

Yes, that happens, but school shootings are not why guns have become one of the leading causes of death for American kids.

These aren't kids; they're teenagers and young adults that you cared so little for; you couldn't be bothered to get to the root of the issue of why this type of violence was happening in the first place.

Remember Joe Biden's predators on our street speech that he gave to have his 94 crime bill passed, which included some of the strictest gun control laws this country has seen.

It was the law of the land for ten years, and not once in those years did Joe Biden then go back and try to address the underlying socioeconomic issues that he admits he was fully aware of in the video.

That is because Joe Biden didn't want a solution; he wanted control.

You could argue that I'm being pedantic or semantically about the age of these so-called children because young people are still dying, and I understand and respect that sentiment.

However, the problem is that even if Joe Biden got his gun control laws, nothing would change.

The teens and young adults in these inner cities that are doing the shooting and make up the vast majority of gun homicides don't get their guns legally; they get them on the streets.

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  • This video is spot on. The incompetent Biden and the democrats want to strip away our 2nd ammendment rights in a vain attempt to disarm the law abiding Americans. This is the tyranny that is exactly why our wise forefathers created the 2nd ammendment in the first place. We have already witnessed the assault on our 1st ammendment rights with very little push back. But, hear this, an assault on the rights of gun owners and the 2nd ammendment will not be taken as lightly. The hypocrisy of Biden, who is protected by armed security 24/7/365, does not sit well with those he wishes to disarm.

  • Biden has NO clue on what's going on.

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  • Thanks bro...appreciate your work. Shalom

  • Keep on calling out Biden & co - their agenda is to trash the nation, the economy and society as part of their global government ideology

  • Biden knows all this BS.

  • You go brother, tell them about it!

  • I love you brother! Please continue to tell it like it Really is.

  • I like this guy. But it is NOT a "socio economic issue". I was born in South Bronx and suffered through poverty related adversities my entire life. I never shot anyone. I never had the temptation to shoot anybody. I never had the temptation to murder anyone with any weapon. Murdering jerks, belligerent imbeciles, can be found among people whom are not impoverished. Stop mocking people such as myself by lumping yourselves together with us. There are many people just like myself whom grew up in despair but never murdered. We have seen the murderers and they are not like us. They cannot blame the financial situation for their evil deeds. It is a preposterous lie.

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  • Very well said..let's go brandin

  • Your comments are right on! It's sad that so many refuse to believe the facts and blindly follow the party.

  • How does it get better than this?

  • Thank You! 👆🙏🌎

  • How does this idiot get to stand up and lie to our faces???

  • Right on point!!

  • Simple facts and Truths. I loved it. Keep up the great work Colion.

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