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Ukraine Military Is Training Citizens To Help Defend Against Possible Russian Invasion
Feb 11, 2022

Colion Noir

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Ukraine civilians in military training amid the Russian threat is the exact reason why we have the second amendment.

The biggest lie about the second amendment is that it is about hunting.

The second amendment is about DEFENSE.

It can be the defense against a wild animal, another person, or a tyrannical government (foreign or domestic).

Instead of scrambling last minute to get people trained on basics like how to operate a rifle, imagine having an entire population of people with their own guns.

Also, imagine them having the ability to shoot them effectively because they've already been owning and using them for decades.

It doesn't matter what you "Think" the Militia is.

If and or when the day comes where someone is threatening the safety of you, your family, or your country, at that moment, whether you like it or not, you ARE the Militia.

You're going to be damn glad that you had a gun to protect yourself with instead of running to the government asking for one last minute.

That's if you even get the chance to do that, or the very government you're asking for a gun isn't the same government you're trying to defend against.

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  • Putin never had any intent to invade Ukraine. This is all fake drum beat of war to distract you from Truths being told. And Biden is willing to use nuclear weapon to hide truth. Forget Russia and China when we have communist White House.

  • And why bring this up now??? FAKE NEWS

  • These people are going to get slaughtered and their installed puppet government will gladly allow it, I dread what is coming for them.

    And use of 2A in US will be vigorously prosecuted, especially in any high profile case. But 2A is still absolutely critical.

  • the exact reason we have it is to overthrow our own government, not to defend against a foreign one.

  • there is NOT going to be an invasion, not from Russia anyways. people here are being lied to again. it's BiGONE that wants to invade the Ukraine in the pitiful excuse of defending them so he ca destroy both the evidence they have against his son Hunter and the proof of how the Ukraine helped STEAL OUR ELECIONS

  • look at what happened to the couple who defended their property in Illinois against ANTIFA/blm . All they did was show their guns and they are still being hounded by government. The democrats will never stop trying to disarm us, censor us , and enslave us. Black men, like yourself need to start speaking out against the majority of blacks who vote for these tyrants. Until you start talking to your own people, you are nothing but a grifter. White people are no longer allowed to talk to minorities about anything, because hey, we are all racists. Unless of course you are a white democrat, then you can continually preach to blacks about how conservatives have hurt them, when it is they they continue to hurt them, with rampant crime in their neighborhoods, and economic ruin.

  • Yeah this isn't going to work out well, the 2A may mean you can own a gun but precious few can really use it and a real war isn't something these people want to get involved in. Remember in 2014 Ukraine had a coup, their current government was install by the US so nothing here is real. Oh yeah also they'll takes the guns off them right after they have protected the countries political elite from being removed, there is nothing good happening here, it's just more slaves to the slaughter to defend a corrupt elite.

  • Finally growing some ball's A.

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  • Right on, first amendment here. Righteous arms ownership in Ukraine.

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