May 08, 2022


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Gregg Phillips: "We call it the RIPCORD. We are going to publish every single finding that we have. Every single minute of video. Every single conclusion. Everything we have, we're going to publish. And as you said, pull the ripcord. Let's go. Let's do this. Let's fight." 00:15m into the video

Dinesh D’Souza, Gregg Phillips, Catherine Engelbrecht and Eric Metaxas held a Q and A session after the premiere of 2000 Mules, in Las Vegas. There were questions from a few of the 80,000 virtual folks (on zoom) and in the audience at the studio.

Gregg Phillips 00:14m - "Fox lawyers are, you know, keeping it off FOX (news)."

Also see this link, discussed by Gregg Phillips, about the QR code and ripcord: What can I do? Gregg Pillips "Log in to IV3 dot us - clean the voter rolls." -

Introducing IV3, a web-based app that empowers voters with an automated way to confirm accuracy, identify ineligible records, report findings to local authorities, and stay up to date on the recent changes to your local voter rolls.

Brian Cates said this about the stash houses 5/7/2022:

"Tonight during the virtual premiere of 2000 Mules, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips announced they will be releasing ALL the addresses of the stash houses run by the NGO’s that were orchestrating this massive criminal racketeering operation in multiple states."

Dinesh D'Souza: "What you are seeing in this movie is not vote harvesting. It's paid ballot trafficking. Paid ballot trafficking is legal in no state." 57m 40s

All credit to Dinesh D'Souza @Dinesh_DSouza , True the Vote, Gregg Phillips, Catherine Engelbrecht and Eric Metaxas @ericmetaxas ! Just sharing a copy of this event here on Gab TV.

Related Quote from Breitbart @breitbart from their article:

Trump Implores Audience at 2000 Mules Premiere: ‘Do Something’ to Fight Voter Fraud

The film includes a presentation of True The Vote’s GPS geolocation analysis and also some surveillance video that True The Vote obtained through public records requests from Georgia. At the end of the movie, viewers are shown a QR code that, upon being scanned, will direct them to True The Vote’s website, where Engelbrecht and Phillips discuss releasing all of the GPS data they used to make their analysis and all of the raw footage — in the coming weeks. That plan, which they call “Ripcord,” is expected to further provide more proof to the public about the group’s work on this front.


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  • It is mentioned in the QA that we need to clean the voter rolls. One of the first things I can tell you we need to address is the Soros funded ERIC foundation that is contracted by 34 states (Including Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania ) to supposedly clean the voter databases. I say supposedly for a reason. They are at a minimum given special access to at least the DMV, and Bureau of Vital Statistics. I also have found they are using Lexus/Nexus and AI to supposed identify and remove duplicates. With these database accesses they should be able to identify and correct huge amounts of data very quickly. How ever in every dataset I have reviewed they have not even identified and corrected the registrations with a birth date older then the oldest living American. So what has ERIC been doing. I have a background of working globally with large databases. For multinational companies. I can tell you what is possible with the access ERIC has. I could use their access to identify people that should be registered to move an election in a particular direction. I could identify people that are almost certainly not going to register or vote. I could in six months build list and scripts to create registrations of the people that are almost certainly not going to vote or register. I could have them built in many layers to be added as needed with slowly graduating amounts of risk of people voting starting with zero and working the way higher slowly. Now this is where it get really scary. If you gave my team the access ERIC has for 6 months we could do one of two things. We could do the job we were hired to do for millions of dollars. The databases would be very clean. Perfect is not possible but no amateur would be finding any major number of bad registrations. Or if you added admin access to the election database on election night. Gave us a 4-6 hour pause in counting. We could hand you the (S)election of your choice. And do it with data that looks valid enough (registrations created using data from the special access we had to the DMV, etc) the only way you would find the fraud would be to go and canvas the voting districts. In fact to make matters worse if we really wanted to we could clean the database and hand you the (S)election making it even harder to figure out were the fraud came from.

  • The ballot drop boxes are key to election fraud. My solution to these sinister and mostly illegal boxes is to DESTROY THEM! I suggest teams of patriots gather together, organize and determine the locations of each drop box within the designated areas. It's very simple. Wherever the teams find these boxes, make them unusable. Use your imagination but make sure you are disguised. Use fire, feces, small explosions inside the boxes. Just make sure the ballot entry and the boxes themselves are completely destroyed.

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  • There should have been boos when @ 13:30 he introduce himself as running a silicon valley 5013C corporation. At least until he redeemed himself with his declarations. Hope his 5013C status is not revoked.

  • In, GA Raffensperger's investigation can only prove his failure as Secretary of State and help his Republican opponent. Clearly, state Republican office-holders have rallied against exposing election fraud and as Governor, Brian Kemp, and others completely control the heads of law enforcement such as the GSP, GBI as well as budgets, government reviews, etc. Fact is, in GA, and much of the south there is a great reticence to publicly admit having been bamboozled, once again, by outside carpet-baggers such as Facebook and CTCL: So they will not admit it. They will keep their heads in the sand, and simply hope it goes away (and that they get rewarded with new terms). It is a complete failure of government at many levels; it is, of course, a failure of our media, including Cox Communications and Cox Media Group, among others, who've kept the story out of the public eye while threatening, in some cases, reporters who mention "2000 Mules;"

  • truth is sometimes hard to accept... but Truth is also Impossible to ignore because it eventually slams into your reality like a freight train and destroys your world....

  • Devil's Advocate: How do we know that the drop box votes were votes for Biden? Assume I'm a Democrat and you have to prove that. Maybe half of them were Trump votes. Who has the split?

  • People are asking what's next, and Metaxis says to show the documentary to all their friends. OK. Why? What are our friends going to do? Put Biden in handcuffs and march him out of the Oval Office? We have the evidence, but we need to do more than watch it on our screens to fix things. So. 1)How do we get Biden out of office? 2) How do we get the key states to invalidate the 2020 election in their respective states? It's time to bring in the lawyers and the judges, and exert some legal power.

  • Professional document makers & they have nobody keeping the sound level right. The fake applause is unnecessary. Bush league!

  • G'Day Mates across the Pacific Pond. To point out the 'Kangaroo in the Dunny' or the 'Elephant in the room' as you say, your problem is that multiple levels of your Government, Judicial, Law Enforcement and Media agencies are as corruptible as a Microsoft operating system. How do you fix something that is designed to deflect or block the information, from the very second you present it? Find the answer to that and you will get your freedom, your lives and your country, back to where they should be. But, here's a tip..... You're gonna need LOTS more jails to house the people involved in this!!! Stay safe, stay strong and fight till you win!! ScottyT from down under.

  • Every 'Mule' works under a public official who is BONDED. If 10 or more people sign a complaint/claim against their "SURETY BONDS", with NO attorney or court needed, The Political 'Official' Either Pays You or Steps Down or Both! STOP THE TYRANNY FIGHT BACK & WIN! How to hold politicians feet to the fire in cases of corruption? Answer: File a complaint claim against their Surety Bond.

    All elected public officials are required to be bonded and they must sign an oath to uphold the Constitution of their State as well as the Constitution of the United States for America. Companies, contractors, and even unions are also required to have a surety bond.

    We the People – The community for whom the bondholder is OBLIGATED to serve.

    Surety Bond Company – This is the company that guarantees that the bondholder will serve the people.

    If a claim is filed against a bondholder, the Surety Bond Company is responsible for accepting the claim(s), notifying the bondholder, demanding that the bondholder address the claim and starting an investigation if the bondholder does not resolve or rectify the situation.

    List of Certified "SURETY BOND COMPANIES" in North America

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  • "Drop boxes need surveillance." No, Drop boxes should not exist at all. Not At ALL. All ballots should be cast on election day in a polling place in full view of all election workers and observers. Only exception should be for deployed military that cannot make it to their polling place. No mail in ballots, no absentee, no nursing home voting, nothing. If you cannot make it to the polling place and/or are physically unable to vote, you shouldn't be able to. Election day should be a National Holiday so there is no problem with work etc. And additional polling hours available for emergency personnel that never get off on holiday.

  • important info on the end game deception🚨🚨🚨 share this!! 100% real

  • This cannot be allowed to go unpunished. It MUST be dealt with.

  • Flood your representatives with 2000 Mules

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