Feb 02, 2021


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What if you had a weapon so stealth that you didn't even know you were attacked or targeted? What if Covid-19 was part of a binary bioweapon to be used in conjunction with the mRNA vaccines?

This is a must watch interview. It was recorded January 15th, 2021. When published, yt naturally issued a strike to The New American. This is a backup copy published by James Johnson. Thank you James. James said:

Title of Video: Dr. Lee Merrit Interview - Warfare 5.0, COVID19, mRNA “Vaccines” & Hydroxychloroquine Suppression

"There is a lot packed into this interview. Incredibly enlightening. She talks about 5th generation warfare...This is a MUST WATCH. Please give the original creators of this content a follow over at TNA The New American"

ALL CREDIT to The New American and Alex Newman. Here is a link to their website:


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  • The rest of this was long. But I liked the formula for ending the Pandemic: 1. Turn off the TV 2. Take off the mask 3. Go hug a relative.

  • Finally someone tells it like it is! Added New American to Portal:

  • So grateful you memorialized this video on GAB TV. It is a VERY IMPORTANT REPORT on COVID

  • Thank God for the good doctor. I already take most of the supplements that she talks about and hcq.

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