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Kash Patel on John Durham "He's going to deliver." | "John Durham has interviewed 24 people in the Grand Jury" | Greg Kelly 2/14/2022
Feb 15, 2022


"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner."

Hopeful Christian, repenting and...



Kash Patel did have some interdasting points to make this fine evening. "This guy is unraveling the biggest criminal conspiracy against a sitting President in the Untied States history. It's gonna happen. Just give the guy a few more months. It's coming."

Kash Patel: "John Durham has interviewed 24 people in the Grand Jury to include, CIA case officers, FBI agents and directors, leadership in the Clinton Campaign cycle, and they’ve indicted her lawyer.

So this is just starting. It’s how you build a criminal conspiracy case."

"Michael Sussman and Marc Elias were the lead attorneys for the Clinton Campaign. They were paid millions and millions of dollars to perpetuate the Steele Dossier fraud. And now we know they were paid millions of dollars to go out and buy false information from a tech executive"

Read the story and H/t @gatewaypundit


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  • so you think a sand nigger INDIAN is going to be on the side of freedom and was with trump?? you inbreeds are being played for inbred nazis... this is just TRUMP GOP POWER GRAB... DURHAM IS BIAS TRASH WITH PROPAGANDA NOTHING MORE...

  • The Republican Party is totally silent as usual. Guess why?

  • This was all proven years ago and it had zero impact. The evidence from years ago was even more devastating. They had proved the funding was going through Fusion GPS through Bruce and Neli Ohr who were a couple that worked at the FBI and Fusion. They weren't just spying on people; they were using the information to frame people with plausible narratives.

    This recent filing this past Friday just adds one more person and company to the list but it doesn't really change anything. They are probably only adding a name to throw red meat to the people who are forming protests world wide rising up against them. Keeping the wolves off their heals.

    You need to understand they know they can't cancel investigations because other insiders get upset and rise up. So instead they learned just to keep the investigations open and ongoing but to control it themselves. This has added benefit that they "can't commend on an ongoing investigation". John Durham is from blue state criminal Connecticut. We know the Connecticut prosecutors are corrupt and controlled because they let the Newtown 2012 FEMA Capstone coverup stand, even though there was huge push and travelling presentations with whistleblowers exposing it all. And out of all the prosecutors to choose from, the one that gets appointed to investigate Hillary is from Connecticut?

    And years ago they had enough evidence to take action against FBI and Fusion GPS, but it takes 2 years to add one more name and list a tech company? And only release right as international Freedom Convoys are starting to overthrow governments? This is most likely just a way to pacify uprisings by giving them some hopium while they finish their exit strategy.

    We need real prosecutor who would arrest everyone including Durham, not rely on Durham.

  • So what was the secret service doing? Isnt it their job to watch for and prevent such things? This is far bigger than anyone is being told.

  • Whose going to jail?

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