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Normies: Please avoid the calculations about particle sizes πŸ‘‰ or you might wake up | 1/15/22
Jan 16, 2022


Blessed by God πŸ™ Love my family Love my country: USA! USA! USA! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Grateful for President...



Masks don't work. Also available in a gif over here:

God bless you and yours,


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  • splash diaper soaking in bodily fluids in operating theatre from doctors and nurses faces. Worn with protection goggles , because your eyes are perfect agar petre dish to grow bugs. Rhinal canals flush it down to nose and throat where can start infection .

  • You need viruses to live. A mask only means you're polluting your lungs.

  • If the goyim could be convinced they were lied to by simply showing them what they are told cannot physically be true the Holohoax would have been laughed at half a century ago when the jews invented it.

  • the 5G is boiling the metal particles in her brain, hence the smoke.

  • the bad news - that mask - stops no virus transmission.. good news - covid1984 is a myth - never been isolated, and this plandemic is only scary - if you scare easy. letsgobrandon

  • What was the agent? the smoke...

  • Effective demonstration, for sure. Everyone should see this.

  • Sometimes it just needs to be done in a most simple way. Great visual.

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