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Dig It! #91: Amazon's Takeover To Control YOU In Smart Cities
Apr 23, 2021

Corey Lynn of Corey's Digs

Investigative Journalist, Founder of Corey's Digs, and Co-host of the weekly Dig It! Podcast...



We went over Corey's report on 'AMAZON’S IMPENDING TAKEOVER: The One-Stop Shop for Smart Cities with Digital Currency Control' and broke down their plans, the agenda, all of the industries they are taking over, and how they plan to control us through these smart cities. From biometric palm scanners to autonomous vehicles, digital currency, food industry, healthcare, and spyware. They want us hooked in. This is a super important report to read. Link below.

AMAZON’S IMPENDING TAKEOVER: The One-Stop Shop for Smart Cities with Digital Currency Control, by Corey's Digs

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