Dig It! #96: USDA RFID Cattle Surveillance & Biolab + More!
May 28, 2021

Investigative Journalist, Founder of Corey's Digs, and Co-host of the weekly Dig It! Podcast...


This week we covered Corey's new report on 'USDA Hitting Food Supply Chain with Cattle Surveillance and A Level-4 Animal Disease Laboratory,' plus the Wuhan Lab leak, FL big tech bill, Biden and Fauci collaborating with YouTubers, and another lockdown in Victoria Australia. Corey's report plus resource links below.

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RESOURCE LINKS: USDA Hitting Food Supply Chain with Cattle Surveillance and A Level-4 Animal Disease Laboratory

Wuhan Lab Leak theory

Florida Big Tech Bill by H1veM1nd

Project Veritas

Biden, Fauci collab with Youtubers

Another lockdown in Victoria Australia

John Cena's pathetic apology to China

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  • Can the faux president give Fauxi a pardon? Would it be valid when the election is overturned?

  • Dear Friends, May no adversity paralyze you. Be afraid neither of the world, nor of the future, nor of your weakness. The Lord has allowed you to live in this moment of history so that, by your Faith, His name will continue to Resound throughout the World. PBXVI 🙏 Tag - We are IT 👍 Viva Cristo Rey 💪🙏

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