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Episode 15 – American Conversations With Vaccine Injured – Interview With Suzanna Newell
Sep 17, 2021


A New Media Company Being Born! The Corrupt, Legacy Media Has Lost All Credibility! We are an...



Host Christine Dolan speaks with Suzannah Newell about her terrible vaccine injures and the efforts by the medical community and big Pharma to categorize her health problems as 'anxiety'.

"I want the medical world to accept we are real..."

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  • The pupil dilation is the parasites devouring the optic nerve. The juicing she's doing is the only reason the hive in her neck dissipated: the only thing that kept them from taking over her entire nervous system. But it's not enough to purge them with the immune system being offline from the graphene. Even after everything, she's still in denial, still thinks she drew the short straw, hasn''t figured out that they're all short straws.

  • The graphene oxide distracts your immune system while the parasites (that we all live with) move into your central nervous system. They take over your mind. Covid is some kind of chimera between Trypanosoma Cruzi & Toxoplasma Gondii that present viral S1 protein. The "fading away" is from the rapid parasite replication. They also cause the insomnia. Dr.s won't give anti parasitic drugs. It's trained out of them to where it doesn't even occur to them, and they'll tell you you're wrong if you bring it up. Part of why I left the med school track.

  • I'm so sorry :(...They do this to moms who kids are injured. It's horrible..

  • Thank you for sharing your story so the rest of us can better understand the injustice you and others are suffering. May God bless and heal you.

  • I AM an anti-vaxer, and I am NOT ashamed of that stance, the more vaccines a person receives in life the less healthy they are and the less able to fight off disease, the immune system is impaired by vaccines and children are made autistic. This jab is NOT a vaccine, it is an extermination shot, if it doesn't kill you right away it is intended to without 5 years for many as soon as 2 years. It also sterilizes those who take it, so if you want to have children, more children or grandchildren do NOT take it and do NOT allow your children to take it!

  • Her brain might have been OK in high school but it obviously stopped working at peak efficiency. She's substituted intelligence and research for obedience to the government.

  • If you are familiar with RHEUMATIC fever you understand the heart can be connected to arthritis.

  • All the memories of my experience with my son's illness came rushing back when I listened to your story. He was only 7 and all of a sudden he couldn't swallow his own saliva. My story is very similar. mainstream western doctors can not and will not help you. My son's reaction wasn't immediate after being vaccinated so there's no way to link the two. Find a good holistic doctor. It costs a fortune, but it will help you heal. I pray for your recovery. I'm deeply saddened this is going on in our country. Unfortunately it takes an experience like this to wake someone up. How many more will be injured before we stop this madness? Thank you for standing up & telling you story.

  • Hi, I found this video on from some guy that was spamming it on media channels. I thought was supposed to be for free speech?

  • fkn morons. ego and parroting!

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