Sep 18, 2021


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Host Christine Dolan talks with 'Anne' on her horrific vaccine injures, and the lack of any help from government or big Pharma.

"Your nerve endings have been destroyed...Your body has told the nerves in your skin to die...You're under attack by your own body..."

"They have created a new disease...I've lost my whole life..."

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  • u stupid cunt, vaccine hesitant you're bullshit, no vaccine is good none never have been and nobody died of covid cause its fake and you med dipshits are whores sucking on jew ass

  • Anyone who takes the jew death jab is a gkf moron

  • I was posting March 2020 COVID stood for Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification~ That was when the changed the name from china or wuhan or corona virus~ I was posting on gab but also last september 2020 posting it on twitshit, but then was kicked off by the middle of october 2020


    P.Q.Anon PCP ❗Dr. Erik Enby reviews the Pfizer vaccine under the microscope ❗ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- \uD83C\uDFA9 For "Anne" to continue advocating the shot, giving the shot, not speaking to her patients about the death jab, she is complicit in killing people. Watch this video and THINK. You may as well put five bullets in a six-bullet revolver cylinder and put it to your head... except that would be a faster death.

  • They are not goimg to study you. That's why we don't have stats on vax injuries like gender, age, race or anything else. Duh. Nobody in the medical industry cares about you after you are vax injured.

  • Enjoy the Jonestown Jab you ignorant soulless whore.

  • Anne, I will be praying for you, and hope that you do get better in the very near future. The Big Pharma ne4eds to step up Praying for you

  • Anne, tough to hear your story. Unite your pain to that of Christ on the cross for reparation of sin so that your pain is not wasted.

    It was sad to hear that you’re afraid to advise your patients about the risks. You complain that Big Pharm is silent, and yet you, the CNP practitioner, are also silent to your patients. The fear of speaking out is pervasive. Jesus exhorts his disciples, “Do no be afraid.”

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