Episode 18 – American Conversations With Vaccine Injured – Interview With Marte Hudson
Sep 26, 2021

A New Media Company Being Born! The Corrupt, Legacy Media Has Lost All Credibility! We are an...


Host Christine Dolan speaks with vaccine-injured Marte Hudson about her struggles to find anyone in government or big Pharma to acknowledge the vaccine-injured or provide help.

"Absolutely NO vaccination of children..."

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  • The exact cause of Guillian-Barre syndrome is unknown. It is associated with (distinct from caused by) a viral infection within 6 weeks of onset of Guillian-Barre. The fact that Guillian-Barre syndrome followed swine flu vaccination, for reason(s) still unknown, the fact that 450 cases of Guillian-Barre followed swine flu vaccination, is the reason swine flu vaccine was withdrawn and prohibited. Doctors and scentists obviously do not know exactly how the vaxx causes thousands to suffer undeniable neurological illnesses. Doctors and scientists did not know, or need to know, exactly how or why the swine flu vaccine caused Guillian-Barre, and they don't need to know exactly what causes Marde's illness, in order to withdraw and prohibit that vaxx. Unless, of course, they want more subjects in their clinical trial. of exactly how their poison works.

  • My Canadian (and now recently very ill) neighbors were anxious to take the Phizer jab when it was offered to their age group. Now they are hoping to receive the booster. While I'm not surprised that they, as part of the "constantly indoctrinated by TV" crowd, are swallowing this propaganda, but their microbiologist son also received it.

  • Love the way reactions are rebranded "allergic reaction", as if there is nothing wrong with the vaccine. Hope you get better soon Marte.

  • ITS A WMD!

    The jews cooked it in israel.

    The jews are occupying the whitehouse, our military, the supreme court AND THE FDA!

    The pfizer formula, IS MORE JEWISH WMD!

    Do you think that they will take any blame for it after they mutilate you?

    It wont even admit that it runs teh media?

    Do you see how that works?

    I'm no doctor, but at the most BASIC CULTURAL WARFARE LEVEL, THATS what we're looking at.

  • get better real soon. I hope this is temporary. God speed Marte.

  • If that poison jab doesn't kill you right off the bat, it will slowly take precious years off your life. The jab is a population control device created to increase mortality. If you think everyone is getting the same jabs you are a fool. I can pretty much guarantee you that many, if not all of those in high places (like the computer nerd himself), are lying about getting the jab, and will always be lying about it. Additionally, if anyone continues to get these life draining jabs every 6 months, I reply with this: You work against nature, and bestow your essence to the darkness. If there is a Hell of sorts, I can see why it will be such a horrible place. Not because red-faced demons torture you with whips and pitch forks, but because you will deeply agonize from the guilt of having played the fool, and knowing you had a chance, and knew what it would be like in the light, yet you blew it anyways! I guess that is what is meant by the saying, "Blew it all to Hell."

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