May 06, 2022

Sarah Cain

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...



Enraged by a recent leaked document from the Supreme Court, pro-abortion advocates are targeting churches and pregnancy clinics.

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  • Democracy is just their talking points. They are blaspheming when they use the word democracy. They are Fabian Socialists. The use words according to Satanic principles where lying and debauchery is a positive thing in their minds and Truth is a concept that is hated by their standards. The abyss is open, and the demons are spewing out of it!

  • They are. They look barbaric, callous, and bloodthirsty. The best media to damage abortion is just to show the tic toks of young girls celebrating the killing of babies. It's shocking.

  • Anybody who has a basic understanding of Human Nature, and Medical situations knows that Abortion cannot be a binary (Yes or No) decision.

    1. Rape and incest. abortion should be allowed.
    2. Forgot to use contraceptive, abortion should not be allowed.
    3. Serious medical conditions where the mothers life is in danger, abortion is allowed. And after the release of the SCOTUS abortion drafts, the Democrats are again stirring up hate and again attacking SCOTUS.
  • That is WHY they are Abortion Activists! DEATH WORSHIPPERS! Followers of MOLOCH!

  • God bless ya Lady..Keep up the Good work..WWG1WGA..

  • I was listening to a US Senate debate. I turned it off to listen to you. I get more information and more interested in what you say …

  • They scream about how they hate the Handmaid's Tale--while forcing everyone to wear a dehumanizing garment. They WANT to usher in an uglier dystopia than anything in fiction. I want nothing to do with such people. They make my soul sick. I just wish they would go away.

  • What's with those women with the red get up and white cap? It's too early for Halloween so what's up with that goofy get up?

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  • The darkest part of the issue wasn’t addressed. The industry of “the byproducts” of the procedure. Tissue, organs, blood etc.

  • Wine and coffee, or what's in the coffee cup. Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Pregnancy is NOT an affliction, it's a condition, a condition as a direct result of actions taken, and/or actions not taken. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy, and still enjoy intimacy. But too may want all the pleasure, and none of the price. Abstinence is a sure way to never have to make such a decision. But if that's not within a couples ability, there are many ways to prevent the condition of pregnancy. It's not that hard.

  • No, lousily is not a word, but you coined it well.

  • Love your mind, and how it works. Share your show on GAB often. Plants are looking good. LOL Keep up the good work Sarah. One day Tucker will have you on his show.

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