Jun 11, 2021

Sarah Cain

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...



From threats of shooting whites in the head to academic papers pining about supposedly curing the "parasitic disease" of the caucasian race, the dangerous insanity is only increasing. Schools within New York state are now creating educational programs wherein all white students are excluded, in one of the latest examples of institutional, anti-white racism. At the same time, other academic institutions throughout the U.S. are becoming more vocal in their rampant intolerance of "whiteness". Not so long ago, the mantra was "fighting racism", but now they are embracing racism in a big way. It could be said that they are finally showing their true colors.

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  • Love your work! Subbed!

  • I'm certain you have the very same gray eyes as the Noldor... Mae g'ovannen, mellon!

  • I could listen to your voice all day long... especially since you speak the truth.

  • I can never get behind any sort of anti-any ethnicity sort of mentality. Anyone who backs up and follows this sort of mind frame is sick and demented themselves. Thank you for such good reporting. I could never be friends or associates with people who subscribe to this sort of thinking. The worlds are gone mad.

  • Blacks don't appreciate being used by the fake jews (their former masters) but only tge dumbest ones get any media time. The whole world wants a piece of Joo ass.

  • LOve your voice and input

  • Good reporting. We are indeed on a bad trajectory with CRT & other anti-White sentiment being pushed by Academia & media. But thank God we're seeing lots of push-back. (new viewer, just subbed)

  • First sighting of Sarah for me. I was a twitter man until last week, then the 'lightbulb' moment arrived where I just couldn't take all the Sheeple any more. Nobody on Twitter is getting it, their just swallowing all the censored scraps being thrown at them, and gorging themselves on it like hungry chickens. I feel a great sense of freedom now, Iv'e terminated my Twitter account. Seeing such a Young smart attractive young lady brave enough to tell the Truth like Sarah is inspiring and enlightening. Thanks, Sarah, you now have my full attention and a Donation forthcoming.

  • I think "White is the new Black" is more to the point.

  • Great video Sarah. The Jews in Germany were targeted by the nazi's for their 'privilege'. The collectivism of national socialism and the collectivism of the soviet communists is the same as the Chinese communism now infecting our nation. The population is shamed into acting 'for the greater good' - the good being a thin veneer of noble-sounding intentions covering a predatory and genocidal system of control.

  • And BTW, I personally am FED UP with the "white-outs" of WHITE PEOPLE on television lately! One would think there are no more White people on the planet, when neither the TV commercials nor the programming shows ANYTHING but Black, Brown, Yellow faces! WHAT have they done with all the White People on the planet??

  • "It's just about hating White people." LOL. Pretty much says it all.

  • well I guess do what we have always done, move, this time to Mars, the idiots won't be able to follow though

  • Inspirational

  • Not anti white, just pure racism. We have this utterly bizarre situation where reverse racism, black on white, is now acceptable. In Zimbabwe, when people were lining up to buy goods, because of constant shortages, black people would stand aside and offer former Prime Minister Ian Smith, their place in the que and beg him to run the country again, because Marxist Bob moron Mugabe, was destroying it, as we have all seen. What did the leftists say about the destruction of what was the breadbasket of Africa, and after their hysteria and noise about the Smith government?....silence. Marxist socialism kills, and has killed more people than any other political system.

  • whites are best.

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