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Berkeley Students Claim GPAs Are Racist
Jul 14, 2022

Sarah Cain

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At Berkeley University, there's an active plan to eliminate the use of GPAs as a requirement of entry into various degree programs, because some students claim that using objective merit-based systems is somehow discriminatory. There's a cost to the societal abolition of standards.

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  • The lazy fuckers just want to lower the bar. It will in 20 years be the chicom trash whipping the lazy fuckers to do their bidding. Right here in the USA. These wieners are setting themselves up for a takeover.

  • Calling standards racist is simply an excuse for low performance & is part of the reason why the US is failing in business, health care, etc, etc!

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  • In order for gpa standards to be racist, minorities would have to be lower IQ. So you are racist, not the standards.

  • lol the US is so done. first the parasites introduce the GPA to destroy critical thinking as a culture, and now they want it gone with bogus bs arguments. clown show.

  • "If it is true that GPA restrictions are disproportionately penalizing Black and Hispanic college students, what can be done about that?"

    Well, the problem lies with those students having insufficiently high GPA scores, so the question is, what can be done about their having low scores? The reason for their low scores is that the fraudulent public education system, especially in inner cities, has inadequately prepared those students to earn grades in college that would produce adequate GPA scores. How to solve the problem of fraudulent public schools failure to educate students is a complex issue, but needs to be addressed.

  • These people constantly beclown themselves by making statements like this. They think they're protecting the "oppressed" but what they're also doing in the same statement is making the unspoken claim that people of color are unable to achieve the academic standards. I just can't believe the stupidity.

  • Oh Hell Darlin' I always make it to the end. Love your style. Hoping you become a huge success, and maybe get your own show on TV one day.

  • I"m on the dissident right. People on the Left, some Magatards, some Cuckservatives, etc will call me racist for observing reality. Take it as a compliment. When everyone sees race except for White people, it's not going to do you any good when your head is being caved in by a bunch of Blacks that have been weaponized against and hate you because you're White.

    Never Forgot... Summer of Saint George Floyd. Car drives up saying "SHOOT THE WHiTE FOLKS, SHOOT THE WHITE FOLKS" Video here:

  • ANYTHING that holds people accountable and to standards is considered racist these days.


  • It's time to own racism. If it is what they say it is, then fine, i'm racist.

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