May 28, 2021

Sarah Cain

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The Biden Regime has decided to illegally change American law by fiat, so as to force colleges to allow men with gender dysphoria into women's showers and dorm rooms. The College of the Ozarks is fighting this in the court system, but they shouldn't be doing so alone. There should be nationwide uproar about this.

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  • These colleges are already in trouble honey, but the Satanist need more abortion meat for their parties. The good news is, dead Satanist make no laws.

  • This puts females in housing at college in danger. Unacceptable

  • How to abuse your citizens

      By Joe Biden
  • 4:35 That was a topic of extreme discussion during the early days and something that the authoritarians have rather successfully muddled and obfuscated, that we have all the rights a human has WITHOUT needing to be listed as affirmed by the Constitution (incl. the Bill of Rights). The concern was that when the specific rights start being listed, i.e., post 12th amendment, then all other inherent rights become overshadowed and are then forgotten.

  • You are so right Sarah. Although Totalitarians must eliminate God from a Society/Nation in order to "play god" the DESIRE for JUSTICE is built into every person on Earth by violations of irrational "Social Justice" are being used in today's attacks on Reason.. The trouble is ALL people must constantly react to ALL violations of Reason and Justice to protect their rights and freedom when most can't even tell you what their own rights and freedoms are.

  • It appears that if you don't 'like' being 'open' to reprobate acceptance of homosexual sin, you are demeaned. It appears the sexual reprobate want Christians hated as greedy, for not allowing those of the same sex, your sex. There is a new 'Jesus' that these reprobates worship, a Gay Jesus that only exists in the minds of the reprobate who glorifies reprobate sexuality as though it's the only route to love! Be aware, reprobates loving their sin are waging war against mankind! -<><

  • Anger is not what is required. What is required, is that you tell everyone "You wanted Trump gone? This is what you voted for. Be happy, you won.".

    We all need to practice our #Smugglypuff faces while telling BIden supporters that they deserve what is happening to them. Pennsylvania wants Democrats gone? I can't do that for Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania wants female athletics? I can't do that for Pennsylvania. Minneapolis/Portland wants to stop burning? I cannot do that for them. I can cut the cancer out if they really want, but they may not like my methods. Eventually, if they don't take action themselves, nasty brutish and short becomes inevitable.

  • Pennsylvania health secretary Dick Levine condemns transphobic attacks against him Disrespectful remarks and actions are hurting 'thousands of LGBTQ Pennsylvanians,' he says

    Richard Levine was born a man but he began identifying as a woman in 2011. Richard was previously married to a woman before he became mentally ill and they had two children. The name of the wife has been kept private. The couple got married during Dick's fourth year at Tulane Medical School. However, in 2013 they divorced. He is the father of 2 children.

    Interesting how Dick is so concerned about his being hurt but doesn't seem to have any concern how his confusion about something biologically and sexually based as gender hurts other people around him. "lgbt" sophistry-redefines homosexuality as a normal and immutable condition equivalent to heterosexuality & gender as fluid social construct making them states-of-being completely independent of conduct and biological reality - making the abnormal normal is insane - the lgbt creed is self-interest.

    Dick Levine does not belong in the position of health secretary and should be removed. His medical license should be revoked. There is something wrong with a man expecting his neighbors and all Americans to be at ease with a man who mutilates himself and wears a dress. Men like Levine are out to force an abnormal lifestyle on others. He is out to destroy the traditional family like he destroyed his own family.

    There are no transgendered just mentally disturbed individuals confused about gender & a costly societal burden

    Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: ‘Transgendered Men Don’t Become Women,’ They Become ‘Feminized Men,’ ‘Impersonators’

    Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme

    Candace Owens Show - Transgenderism is the new frontier for LGBTQ activists and feminists, but how does it impact our culture, free speech, sports and the children who transition?

  • It’s crazy,,,This is completely abuse,,,,I hope the girls fight back,, Someone needs to forcibly remove this politicians,,,civil war,,,

  • Well said!

  • I'm expecting Biden to be wearing full clown makeup, red nose & big shoes, before he's finally gone

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