May 04, 2022

Sarah Cain

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...



Have you ever said anything wrong online? How anything that questions an election? Anything about Hunter Biden's laptop? The Biden Administration wants to know about you, terrorist. Always restrained in their use of bureaucratic power, they've created a division of Homeland Security to hunt down wrongthink.

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  • Excellent analysis.

  • No they are going to protect themselves fro being exposed as the corrupt scumbags as they are actually.

  • If you believe Biden is a joke your right. they are not going to protect us. They are trying to silence the truth

  • I hope Russia destroys ukraine and Russia kicks US commie joo ass as well~

  • he lies about being a man wearing a dress then how can you believe anything he has to say~

  • How do I follow you on GAB

  • Good video!

    George Orwell was an optimist.

  • Ukraine is a Joke and America should never be in the fight for a place w2here the organized crime ran by the deep State to support biolabs in a world where diseases do not jump from species to humans unless they are engineered in a lab to do so. there are fortunes to made in patents to the viruses they create and their proposed cures which are really not cures at but things the Pharma/Healthcare can charge whatever they choose to the governments to apply these oft deadly concoctions to the people complete with their toxic heavy metal and cell lines of monkeys, rats, and snakes for instance. Now they do not ask us to take these, but they tell us to. here is an example of the systematic thinning of the herd by the elites in order that they have their riches in the accomplishment of their inhumane creations from the pool of humanity.

  • Congratulations, Mrs. Cain.

  • You're all in it, together.

  • You're pretty good at this. Subscribed.

  • TESTIFY SISTA!!! xoxo

  • Cary Grant accent - 'Hey funny face, I think I love you.'

  • "I wish Nina would join us"...[in reality] :^)

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