May 27, 2021

Sarah Cain

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Canadian storm troopers have aggressively escalated to the point where they are harassing and issuing fines to people for shaking hands. It sounds absurd, and it truly is, but there is a dark reason why tyrants create and enforce such absurd dictates. They are meant to further corrupt already compromised law enforcement, while acclimating a thoroughly subdued public to question nothing. We did not fight when our chances were better, so the authoritarianism will get much worse internationally hereon. Every time that we wore a mask or avoided other people, we told them that we wanted more, and so they are emboldened like never before.

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  • I'm surprised the police have that much time on their hands to go around giving out these fines.

  • They don't want you passing notes or USB devices with information to each other, they watch you on camera but they can't see if you actually slip somebody a device with information on it. Hey here's an idea, why don't Canadians make treason illegal, punishable by death, wait you did, why don't you enforce it?,...start with the assholes who supposed to. No I'm not promoting violence, I'm promoting Justice.

  • It is so important to keep up the pressure, and inspire your friends and peers to keep up the pressure. Who cares about "safety" if petty tyranny rules the day?

  • thats what the do after they disarm you

  • Absurd world, hopefully it will be overturned one day

  • Maybe we could "shake hands with beef" instead! LOL Primus -- Shake Hands With Beef.

  • The Milgrim Experiment.

  • It seems the UK and Canada are setting an example for Americans. Scary.

  • I shook hands with a guy the other day. He looked a bit shocked, but he extended his hand.

  • seems to be a local bylaw , cop states it , not all across canada

  • And yet it's not only okay but encouraged for young children to sit on the laps of degenerate obese transsexual circus freaks.

  • They don't want you passing notes to each other. They have their kosher cameras on every corner, watching you. If not for the fluoride, those cameras would be stuffed up their kosher asses.

  • Canadian has so much control over its citizens, otoño surprise me if government takes over their financial accounts and properties and citizens will comply. Islamization

  • Fines of this kind, like taxes on cigarettes and other things that harm society. All that money collected should be destroyed, never go to the government. Because if the government can acquire money from illegal means, it will always create new ways of collecting this dirty money.

  • We have to be very tough on these smartass politicians. Make them feel the pain. Not just voting them out, but going after them in prosecutions.

  • Because Canadians have no balls. That's why. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Petty storm-troopers should protest or quit. This is shameful upside-down world.

  • cant wait to see shit pop off.. SOON..

  • 👍🇺🇲

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