May 11, 2021

Sarah Cain

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Canadian officials are escalating their war against Christians, and they are predictably pretending that it is being done for the public's health, as it is with all of the draconian measures that are being implemented internationally. Pastor Artur Pawlowski of the Street Church (also known as "The Cave of Adullam" church) is their latest victim. He was recently arrested (ambushed while commuting), criminally charged, and literally tortured by the jailers for the 'crime' of holding a church service. Silencing political opposition from church leaders has always been one of the first steps of every communist regime in galvanizing power. Meanwhile, good churches and God himself are being betrayed by those churches which have been silently bending the knee.

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  • You should do a video about this. The entire case file on Dr Fauci Youtube has me shadow banned 40 pages. 20 law violations

  • great interview. thanks!

  • Do NOT feed bums. They will just continue ruining beach areas.

  • I think as Americans we need a march of support for this pastor!

  • Thanks for this vid.

  • Only the beginning if we don't stand up as humans with unalienable rights. The "rulers" divide us with things like race, health, wealth, religion, etc. As long as we allow them to continue the tyranny, it will only get exponentially worse. There should be millions of people marching on their capitals and disrupting everything these pukes try to do, until they can no longer function in peace. When government fears the citizens, there is liberty, when the citizens fear the government, there is tyranny.

  • Great analysis... Personally, I like the clarity provided in a fight. I’ve had enough of this tyranny. I’m ready to fight the establishment and get it over with. Win, lose or draw.

  • There’s an especially good point that Sarah is making here. Did everyone see one of the arresting cops give the cameraman a stink finger at the end? Many of us used to give cops the benefit of the doubt, by default, with expressions like #BackTheBlue. But it’s time to stop using that hashtag. Too many cops are going rogue by becoming unprincipled and ignoring their sworn oath to ‘aid and protect the public’ as their job descriptions require. Policing is becoming increasingly biased and heavy handed, from top leadership right on down to individual officers - like this stink finger cop. The dangers to society of police state modus operandi must back acknowledged and resisted to the best of our abilities, before it’s too late for us all.

  • Good to see you here on Gab, Sarah!

  • Every single person on that highway should have stopped and protected that preacher and maybe humanity has become weak and pathetic so maybe we deserve what we get

  • These provincial police are willing accomplices. I pray they repent before they meet the Judge that can't be bought or intimidated.

  • It is part of the Islamism in Canada,, suddenly they’ve gained power when Trudeau took over

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