May 27, 2021

Sarah Cain

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In Fort Smith, Arkansas, a massacre nearly took place at an apartment complex. An armed hero stopped shooter Zachary Arnold early using a rifle, and because of that, this story has received almost no coverage. Our media is disappointed. Good citizens with guns save lives thousands of times every year in America, but they are ignored, so that the media can peddle its vastly different narrative of the need for disarmament.

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  • Most mass shootings are fake

  • The number of People in the UK who own such weapons to defend themselves is infinitesimally small. Even possessing pepper spray in the UK comes under the law of 'Possession of a Lethal Weapon' such as a firearm. Which can lead to a lengthy Prison sentence. Which leaves people who obey the law literally left to defend themselves with what they have at hand, which is basically, if lucky, an umbrella if it's raining. Despite the ever-increasing number of unprovoked attacks that are growing exponentially. I enjoy a long walk on a sunny day, but the fact this Country is now full of unpredictable foreigners and very unpredictable muslims who now basically litter our parks and popular walking routes, is becoming intimidating, and forcing me to choose my routes very carefully.

  • The Founders put 2A in place for this reason. Americans are responsible for their own security and safety. We hire police to protect the town/city. They are not responsible to protect us individually. If you dial 911 they will respond. Unfortunately 90% of the time they get there after the problem and end up investigating your murder. When seconds count, Police are minutes away. This is no fault of their own. There aren't enough of them to go around and can't be ever where at once. The sad fact of life is far too many of them give up their lives protecting us every year. America is the land of individual opportunities and responsibility. You are responsible to protect your lives and property, not the Government. Learn how to do this, get the training you need to do this, Get what ever firearms and equipment you best think you need. If the Government where you live makes this difficult or impossible, change it or relocate. Do what ever you need to do. If your not willing to protect yourself, families, livelihoods then your a gutless coward. If you can't because of age or handicapp that doesn't apply to you. If you are capable but refuse to do so and support these politicians that seek to remove that right for their own political gain, your part of the problem. Your gullible enough to actually believe the Government can and will protect you. Reality check, the Government doesn't give a shit about you and won't be there to protect you if you need protecting. It's been said that the fool that will trade his liberty for security will end up with neither. Don't be that fool. Evil has and always will walk among us. Only the law abiding are effected by laws. They aren't the problem. The answer to this problem is to fix the individual not worry about the tools they use to commit the crimes. It's already against the laws we have to shoot people, so much for the Government to protect you.

  • Now do the fact that the 2A was and is for the armed people to fight back against a tyrannical government. They knew. I don't recall, in their various discussions, debates, letters, etc., them discussing self-defense. Though that's good too.

  • This is one of the reasons why the Founders put 2A in the bill of rights. Our ability to defend ourselves from anything or anyone that would seek to do us harm. Calling 911 won't save you. Only you or someone near by can save you from evil people.

  • Great video and commentary. Thanks for sharing fellow patriot 🇺🇸

  • What is up with that stupid quote in the thumbnail?? It's right up there with blaming ambulance rides for deaths. Most deaths in the US today happen after ambulance rides .. we need to stop those damn ambulances!

  • Very good video/comments. Thank you Sarah Corriher ❤️🙏

  • I was gonna ask if that is an Vought F8 Crusader (last of the gunfighters!) rockin' on behind you, but -- DUH! -- "Crusader Girl" sort of says it all. As to your spot-on video, many thanks for being another voice of reason in this dour insane world we seem to have slouched our way into. “When you’re out of Crusaders, you’re out of fighters.” Fine job in all respects.

  • I wouldn't say that Zachary's number of kills would have been countless. They'd have been very countable, and probably fewer than fifty. I'd have said "many more," not "countless."

  • Excellent. I love your delivery style, your analysis, and your honesty.

  • Well done Sarah! You are a smart lady. Love watching your video. Keep up the Good Work!

  • Excellent video, well done.

  • Was the gunman/soldier suffering from PTSD or the military's Marxist indoctrination OR BOTH ?

  • Thank you for your insight. I'm beginning to think that many more Brits are becoming "American" and many "Americans " just aren't, any longer. Take care, and keep up the great work.

  • Greetings Crusader Gal. Excellent video. So true. Unfortunately the POLICE aren't actually there to protect "us". They serve and protect the people who write their checks. That's why they stood down in Broward County. Plus being COWARDS also. The "powers that be" want us disarmed so that they can do whatever they want to all of us. As it stands we are out gunned by them as they have REAL assault weapons as well as tanks that they will use on you at your church if you are recalcitrant. Waco Texas comes to mind. They will kill you or cage you if you cut a shot gun off with a hacksaw blade. Ruby Ridge comes to mind. Frankly we in the US live in a TYRANNY created the first minute a law was passed that criminalized behavior or lack thereof for something that there was no victim for.

    I love your accent! Keep up the good work.

  • I couldn't agree with you more, it's not the tool England banned guns and now they're trying to ban knives, we mustn't forget that weapons have been used for defense and offense long before guns were invented. We defended ourselves with cudgels axes swords spears bows and crossbows to great effect, the tool is never the problem it's the user.

  • I'm glad to see this verified! I have long commented and suspected that, when a "bizarre" school shooting or outraged attack on innocent people or road rage incident that it's either demonic or a person who's been on "Ritalin" (or similar drug) since early childhood. It's tragic that we jump first and so quickly to drug our children when it's usually either parental neglect or ignorance, or a traumatic event - one-time or on-going - that's the source of a kid's behavioral issues. Just sad. More accurately, tragic.

  • MSM gives no coverage because they are the propaganda arm of the Deep State. They were created by the Deep State to push their agenda of worldwide genocide/domination. Local news gives no coverage because they are mostly bought and paid for by the MSM. This is why Sarah and others "are the news now". WWG1WGA

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