Apr 30, 2021

Sarah Cain

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Christian Dettmar, a German judge, ruled that the mandatory masking policies of a school district were harmful to children's development. Since then, the force of the German government has been levied against him in retribution. His home, office, and car were raided. His possessions have been seized. The message to others is clear: Echo the draconian dictates of the state or face persecution.

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  • Merkel ist eine Kommunistin

  • According to the history "I" was taught Germans ALSO elected a certain meglomaniacal Austrian as their leader!....PLEASE tell me you don't want America to follow THEIR example!😱

  • The Western civilization is under attack from within. Our enemies are using our freedom against us.

  • Well said. Reminds me of something similarly related to what Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: "We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was 'legal'....". He was right - and it's ironic that the same patterns are being repeated there once again as well as in the rest of the West. China and the West's other enemies are laughing their heads off at how we're doing the hard work of destroying ourselves from within.

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