May 15, 2022

Sarah Cain

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Upon hearing that a "transgender porn studio" exploited a 7-year-old child, one might expect a media firestorm. Alas, this is not a story that fits their narrative. Moreover, the pedophiles had connections to communists in Portland.

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  • Blatant deviance is suspect ... it's the insidious pervs that befriend parents and children, then drug little boys and suck their dicks that shock you .. if you catch them in the act you need to shoot them .. the legal system is broken. It does not feel good or normal to never leave children alone with one adult ... and to do background checks on volunteers, every child care worker. But we do .. every one of them ... on a regular basis. I've been around for awhile ... it will be the person you least suspect.

  • Not really ignoring it, just choosing to ignore because narrative.

  • Agree with your train of thought, there. Deviants are that way because they're intrigued by, or feel entitled to, breaking taboos. An interesting quote I remember is: "Anything done once unleashes a demon." The demon in this case is the desire to seek out more and more deviant sexual activity. Glad the kid was removed and recovers in a safe, loving home. Hope these all face serious prison time.

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  • The Gay community have ALLOWED the PEDO-TRANS movement to hitched THEIR agenda wagon to the gay movement. Now EVERYTHING that people were afreaid of ,with the gay community, is coming true. The GAY community needs to take a stand against this type of madness or face the same consequence.

  • Faggots and trannies shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children. Frankly, it should be illegal to be a sodomite or trans gender weirdo. And no, I don't give a crap about their "Rights". Demons have no rights.

  • That's quite a nose on the Grobman. Gas them all.

  • There is NO SUCH THING as "transgenderism". Men cannot be women and women cannot be men. And sodomites are OFTEN pederasts and/or pedophiles.

  • As it was in the days of Noah!

  • When population numbers swell, the heaving biomass of humanity produces more and more trannies, which is a form of "apoptosis", or "programmed cell death". Our bioelectric pathways are normally stronger on the left side for women, and stronger on the right side for men. When population numbers are high, a transformation takes place in the bodies of some people, producing the tranny. The polarities switch and a normal man/woman who is "good" and per creator's design, becomes an evil abomination.

  • I do not see how conservatives and the degenerate radical Marxist Democrat liberals can continue to live together much longer. The Marxist Democrats are just too evil and the growing uncompromising differences between them and God loving conservatives is just too great.

  • Remind me who owns the media?

  • Cut the crap, you are a dude.

  • Great story! I just need to know where you purchased that sweet Teutonic Knight on the shelf. My mother was born in a German town that had a Teutonic Knight castle/outpost in the Bavaria, Black Forest area.

  • Great post-Sarah and you are spot on 100%

  • Tranny, not "trans." Don't use their made-up language.

  • Round up the transgender filth and swiftly execute!!

  • It's called Demoralization which the citizens of the United States have been subjected to since the 50s by way of mass media, you know all those freaky people out in Hollyweird.

    Prior influences by way of the oligarchs came through news print and radio, TV was a boom for profits as well as the eventual subversion which we're witness to today. Check the trends of divorce, rape or just about any other immoral ideological crimes from prior to the 50s until present, you're likely to find a trend.

    It's been known for centuries, whom can control the information fed to the masses can control the masses.

    6% to 8% of society is definitely looking like the immoral majority anymore.

  • Thank you for covering this. I saw it recently and was appalled.

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