Jun 07, 2022

Sarah Cain

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The Biden Regime is using school lunches as a bargaining chip with which to force schools to accept a unisex bathroom policy in pertaining to transgender students.

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  • What we have is a jewish administration. Biden doesn't even know he is in the world most days. When you accept jews are of their father Satan, nothing this administration does is surprising.

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  • It's past time to close down the Dept. of Education and let the States control their own Public Education. No Feds or money from the Feds.

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  • The Federal govt should not be giving money for education, that is a state responsibility.

  • By the way, how many transgenders or LGBT+++ would be be effected. Hence Biden is also pushing the very group they say they are trying to help. -- Guess like the fuel, he says he is helping. But does the opposite. All Lies.

  • Wonder what would happen if the women, the mothers and others got together and denied delivery of food to Washington DC as matter of protest. And if the administration tries cutting other things. Then people have the right to take possession of failed agencies and do their job as a matter of Civil and Global World recognized Human Rights. They can argue about it in courts. Meantime Biden trying to interfere will look bad for the Democrats across the world. And since the majority of the world when pushed will not agree with holding food from children for this transgender agenda. And if anything it could be said that Biden is trying to get people across the world to hate them. Hence here we are, Biden & Democrats are trying to create another enemy for people to fight among each other.

  • The way they are pushing this. It could be said that Transgender are a different species or multiple. -- The reason I say this is. If people review in the U.S. the requirement for males to register for the Selective Service. Males who identifies as female or women. Is still required to register. Whereas a female who identifies as male is not. Hence then they are considered biological male/female.

    But if Biden wants to do this. Then everyone should use all the other groups activism against the administration. Hence being racist, sexist, bigoted, hates Blacks, Asians, People of Color, Latino's, Hispanics, and so on. Then get Biden administration on the religion, even he must be against the LGB families with children. Biden is against single mothers, etc. And hates -- And remind them that everyone will spread the word to the Democrat single mothers and everyday is closer to voting time. And donation time.

  • Dignity = forcing girls to share showers and bathrooms with male sex perverts

  • If real women would have rejected this insanity outright the second it started none of this would even be an issue right now. Instead they decided to placate the insane hive mind of the left and normalize the insanity. Also is any Republican state anywhere ever going to demand their state rights over the fed ? They should not have leverage over the states with school lunch or education funds in the first place. Education belongs to the state not the fed.

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  • They should be tried and executed for this.

  • Plugging you in my next episode. You're one of my favorites. Would love to so you go big one day.

  • If you want them to eat; don't starve them!

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  • Reject its Death Cult Lies! Diversity is Death! Tolerance is Timidity! Inclusion is INSANITY!

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