Jun 26, 2021

Sarah Cain

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It's been clear from the first arrests of the Capitol protesters that their prosecutions were highly political, but it is only worsening. Court records from the first conviction show that Anna Morgan-Lloyd was given materials meant to re-educate her Soviet-style with anti-American themed literature, then she was required to write demeaning book reports (like a child), which were submitted to the court as evidence of corrected wrongthink as her defense. The fact that she walked through an open door at the Capitol was never her real offense, but it was rather that she held the wrong political opinions, which the system is seeking to 'fix'. Others are getting the same gulag type of treatment, and they face lengthy prison sentences if they express disagreement with hating America. They are essentially having judicial Critical Race Theory forced upon them, and they are required to agree with it. Never again say that it couldn't happen in America.

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  • Is that an owl you're wearing? What are we supposed to do? assuming this is not more psyops. I'm looking for an attorney for medical murder, investigate the genocide of the elderly, covered up by the covid hoax. Blanket DNR on the elderly and disabled.

  • Back in the '90's, I loved the Schindlers List movie.but now that I know the so called "gas chambers" never existed, they were showers, and the propaganda against the decent German people was so convincing, even to the Germans themselves An example of how a country can be changed or destroyed by propaganda alone.

  • 9 days ago? where are you lady?

  • I am their enemy and will spend the rest of my life looking for ways to destroy them.

  • The only real solution is to start cleansing our country of these vermin. Anyone else involved in jailing her or supporting it. They are tyrants and devoid of reason and logic and don't deserve our sympathy or compassion.

  • First off, you look like a trans guy, are you? Second off, they have no lawyers screaming about their civil rights?

  • This is what we often call AnarchoTyranni, Anarchy for their side and tyranny for our side. They can almost take any step they want, while if we take one little step in the wrong direction it's lifetime in prison. Christopher Cantwell for example is in prison for saying "I'll f..k your wife".

  • This sounds more like something the China Communist Party would do, not the Department of Justice. It looks as if the CCP has taken over our government and are now trying to implement the policies of the CCP.

  • I just found your video and you are so spot on. I want to know why Trump has not opened his mouth one time not one word of encouragement or anything else for that matter. It's beyond disappointing knowing how loyal I was as a supporter and all the other Trump supporters how loyal they are. You did a bang up of a job presenting this video instant subscribe. God help us! our country truly has fallen. Love the point you made about racist I loved every single point you made period! 👍

  • Previous comment " The worst thing that happened that day was a Black man shooting and killing Ashley Babbit, a white military Vet. and no charges for murdering a unarmed white woman. "

    Not even that bad, Ashli was an acthore. Nobody died. Ashli shoyuld be tracked down and charged with protesting in the capital.

  • We need more like you here.

  • There is no excuse for how these people are being treated. Justice in America has failed. Thanks for speaking out, Sarah. Love the show!

  • You lost me at Trump set them up...

  • These politicians are sick minded.

  • Sarah Corriher is one choice looking woman. She is a piece of art.

  • "Hey, I just watched Schindler's List! I love rigged elections now!"

  • How did Trump "Set her up"? Don't tell me you buy into the fake Pelosi narrative that President Trump told Patriots to storm the Capital?!
    I hope I heard you wrong. People were in Washington DC that day to simply protest the stolen election. Capital Police let them in and gave them a guided tour. The worst thing that happened that day was a Black man shooting and killing Ashley Babbit, a white military Vet. and no charges for murdering a unarmed white woman.

  • A large part of the problem is no one hates the umpires while they are ruling in favour of your team. The majority of Democrats do recognise the political and unconstitutional persecution of conservatives, but because its not "their team" and "wont happen to them" they do not care, and infact support such measures. Likewise when conservatives had power they chose not to challenge big tech because at that point in time, the "umpire was on their side."

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