Jun 18, 2022

Sarah Cain

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...



Fox News went all-in on a horrifying piece wherein trans ideology was supported -- encouraging the case of a 5-year-old girl who was "transitioned" by her parents.

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  • holy hell that's one ugly talking cow

  • Come for the beauty, stay for the intelligence and eloquence.

  • Sodomite wild fires spreading across this world coming to the end time. REPENT, Jesus is our only escape!

  • came out when she was a baby what the hell is going on,,mom and dad should be under investigation for child abuse ..fucking hell..

  • Fox news is shit ,,gone woke they will go broke..

  • Controlled Opposition Faux News has come out of the closet and officially joined the LGBT+ Crew. Go FAUX!!

  • You said the magic words I've said on my podcast, and in a meme. If it's about their sex, it's about sex.

  • You are a very nice polite young lady, thank you for another inciteful show.

  • Some news out of Ukraine. on the ground in Donetsk. Ukrainian forces shelling civilians.

  • Well done CG! Re-noting what appears to be horizontal integration /of woke agenda/ across media as diverse as NYT and Fox. Moreover, in parallel to the stated "journey" of this child, Fox, itself, invalidates its existence as a center-right journalistic entity into one with no ideological mooring whatsoever; perhaps this is Fox' "coming-out" announcement? Later in life, this child is quite likely to question her parent's decision (a choice made by adults because the child is not of legal age); for Fox AND this young girl, it s correctly noted there can be no re-do. And just like that, traditional Fox is no more. Forever!

  • 😩 I have been saying the same thing about conservatives treating feminists, like Sarah here, as bona fide traditional women - all because they refuse to chip their polished fingernails by doing real work and they parrot a few girly sentiments about domestic and romantic subjects. But, this nerdy chick (who kind of looks like a boy in drag) will never admit to the irony of that.

    "She" all but made the point, herself, in this video: At what point do we admit that "conservatism" (Not Fox New. Not "media") IS the very process of "slowly cooking the frog" that it warned us about? That, and switching to a non-relativistic moral yardstick that does not change with the times?

    Let us know when you commenters really do wake up. 🥱

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  • This is the world we live in. We invited it when Fox embraced the Log Cabin Republicans a few years ago and no one said anything. It's disgusting and I sincerely hope that there's a backlash towards Fox and all of these wings connected to the same bird.

  • Remember when Paul Ryan and Donna Brazile went to work for FOX news? That should have been the wake up call for folks.

  • I can hardly even watch this it's so disgusting. Nothing against you, Sarah.

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