Jun 01, 2022

Sarah Cain

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...



Throughout the West, most people have given up on the hope that they might have any privacy at all. They know that their phones are listening and tracking devices, some even buy listening devices for each room in exchange for access to information at their request, and we're monitored by CCTV hundreds of times an hour. Democrats and Republicans alike ignored every intrusion into privacy. Now, suddenly, Democrats care about privacy. Any guesses on what got them to shift?

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  • Why is your name Cain? That's not a name for a crusader.

  • Good Info --- Thanks I like your St Michael statue.. !

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  • Evil dies in it's own sin, let them.

  • They may have cloaked their concerns in the context of abortion but I think, given 2000 Mules, they're more concerned about election fraud being dismantled. Not that it matters either way. 2000 Mules exposed a weakness. Election fraudsters will simply find ways to get around it.

  • It's not just Democrats. And I'm not talking about Democrat voters. Those are liberals. I'm say it's also RINOs, Democrats who ran on a conservative platform. They are one and the same. The deaths of us serfs, and peons is quite literally meaningless to the elites. More than half of so called "Republican" politicians are no different. Publicly they "Oppose" the. But vote with them.

    It's time to get rid the there computerized "S"election systems. Time to go back to mouse trap simply, paper ballots, at the polls, hand counted.

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  • You are spot on, Sarah! That's the ONLY reason that "all of a sudden--NOW" the Democrats care so much about listening and tracking devices. They don't want these monsters that call themselves "women" to be able to be tracked when they illegally kill their babies.

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