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The Election: Should We Be Surprised?
Nov 17, 2022

Sarah Cain

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...



I keep getting asked for my take on the election results. I'm mostly unsurprised, but I do think there are some areas that we should be focusing on that are being ignored. Hear me out.

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  • Obviously people like open borders,groomers in schools,shit hole cities,violent criminals released.

  • they should be pro white

  • Sarah You should look into and publicize how CFR deep state member and Corporate member dark money has bought almost every politician in office. Look into the following information and share it with your audience.

    Even more amazing is out of all the dem candidates they picked a CFR member that didn't win one debate! The CFR vetted candidates challenging Trump had to present their positions on twelve critical foreign policy issues. Then they put CFR member and CFR corporate dark money behind Biden & made him president.

    Candidates Answer CFR’s Questions.

    CFR's Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out 'One Of The Dirtiest Tricks' the CFR run Government Plays -- but fails to let her audience onto the fact that the Dirty Tricksters are the CFR 1% ruling elite deep state which she is intimately familiar with because she was a member.

    One of the dirtiest tricks the CFR 1% play is using CFR corporate and member dark money to buy the office for a CFR picked globalist. The CFR picked candidate buries their honest GOP or Democrat opponent with CFR professionally produced multi-million dollar campaigns produced by CFR deep state billionaire advertising agencies.

    Once in office these CFR bought lackeys advance the CFR goal of creating an interna-tional rules based order where the 1% make the rules.

    CFR dark money kept the USA from getting an honest CFR dot connecting politican in Congress that person is none other than @AlexNewman.

    After qualifying to challenge incumbent state Rep. Tom Leek, R-Ormond Beach, in the newly drawn Florida House District 28 race, a freelance journalist dropped out.

    @AlexNewman wrote a resignation letter to the Division of Elections asking for his name to be removed from the Aug. 23 ballot. Just two days after telling The News-Journal he intended to stay in the race, Newman confirmed his exit.

    "Because I have a family to support and commitments to clients, I’m simply unable at this time to dedicate the incredible amount of time, energy and resources required to beat a candidate with access to well over $1 million in his PAC and campaign for this race," Newman wrote in an email to The News-Journal.

    The New American Video

    @AlexNewman warns the dark money-funded "Convention of States" movement to open up the U.S. Constitution to amendments in a constitutional convention is a Deep State plot to put the final nails into the coffin of America's constitutional republic.

    Deep State operatives have long been hoping to overthrow the Constitution and the lim-its on government it establishes, but they have always failed while trying to use liber-als.

    Now, they are buying prominent conservatives and Republican legislators with shad-owy, anonymous money, and obviously deceptive arguments.

    And they are making much more progress than ever before. Deep State moneyman George Soros, mean-while, is funding left-wing efforts to call an Article V Convention.

    On the Convention of States side, one of chief Mark Meckler's board members and close associates in the effort is actually a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Share this episode widely before it's too late!

    “I have never been able to conceive how any rational being could propose happiness to himself from the exercise of power over others.” Thomas Jefferson

    Mastery and success require staying on the path and not giving up. We are taught in countless ways to enjoy the prize, the climactic moment, but a true life of mastery and success is spent on the journey.

    We are here to live and grow intellectually and morally, to take advantage of the pre-sent and to plan for future needs.

    The Golden Rule is God's algorithm for intelligently designed morality. No creature in the universe can simplify the Golden rule making human beings among the most intel-ligent creatures in the universe

    Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, and Buddha taught billions of people that there is one God and that makes us all equal. They made the golden-rule the moral compass of religion to help us live by God's law and natural law. They taught doing to our neighbor that which we wouldn’t have them do to us was wrong.

    Jefferson, Adams, Madison and Franklin made the Golden Rule America's moral com-pass by changing Locke's human right to property to American's right to life. They un-derstood there is one God and we are all equal in God's eyes. The constitution they created guarantees us the rights of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and separa-tion of Church on State.

    America is the greatest nation on earth. The Declaration and US constitution are among the greatest pieces of literature ever written. It is assumed that our rights are God-given, not government given. This is an important assumption in a world run by a ruling elite out to destroy religion. The constitution offers a balanced view of the government’s role and the individual’s responsibility to practice self-control. It is one our finest achieve-ments, and what keeps us unique and a leader in the free world. The fight to preserve the Constitution is worthwhile and one no American should back away from.

  • Nice to see you back on here. I hope you healed well.

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  • Sarah Cain for congresswoman. Here, here.

  • Trying to fix the GOP is why we keep losing. The GOP is unfixable. When the hole in your boat makes up 95% of your boat, you don't try to fix it - you get a new boat.

  • We saw what happened in 2020, the same BS showed up in the 2022 primaries and nothing was why would anyone expect to see anything different about the 2022 midterms.... THE GOPe are just as corrupt as the democraps....... The McFailure Twins, McConnell and McCarthy, sabotaged this election, and for the incredibly poor showing..they reward themselves..I say that all MAGA should leave the GOPe party and form a new MAGA PATRIOT PARTY....better to start fresh, that try to salvage a decayed rotting corpse.....

  • The GOP has enjoyed getting money from George Soros like the democrats so much that they are slowly throwing the constitution out the window.

  • You didn't expect a red wave or any substantial changes even if there had been because you're a Catholic, and we Catholics are generally smarter than others, especially EE-Vangelical "prophets" who say that "The Lord" told them there will be. Welcome back!

  • Why are people saying baby's born of rape have to die. We do not punish children for the crimes of their father.

  • You can't reform the cabal. And the GOP and Democrats are part of the cabal, the people can see it and smell it. As for voting because "otherwise the other team will get in" that's what leads to the mess you're in. We have the same problem in the UK, hopefully things are changing now.

  • Trump indirectly aided a Democratic Congressional victory for Mary Peltola in Alaska by endorsing Sarah Palin (R) over Nick Begich (R). Sarah's negative numbers approached 70% yet she ran for Congress with his blessing.

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