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The New "Don't Say Straight!" Law
Sep 13, 2022

Sarah Cain

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An ordinance in La Crosse, Wisconsin banned attempts to help homosexuals recover from unwanted desires using reparative therapy, but cemented the "therapy" that encourages mutilation for those confused about their genders. The ordinance particularly targeted children.

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  • Hope you're better from your accident

  • Well put. I hope you are healing well sister, my prayers with you.

  • Gay is just a codeword for anti-straight/anti-normal.

  • I don't say "Straight". I say "NORMAL".

  • Glad to see you are feeling better. This ordinance is a grain of sand that the agenda of evil tries to blow in our eyes/ little by little, step by step they put another brick on the wall. Thank you for your comments because sometimes we almost believe we are alone or being paranoid for nothing.

  • good video, thank you Sarah

  • Murder is a great sin because it involves taking the life of an innocent person. Abortion does just that with a human life and it is murder.

    Anyone one that works knowingly to do an evil act that will destroy the life of an innocent person is committing the same sin as murder.

    Gender confusing innocent children is an evil act equivalent to murder in severity. It is the person committing the evil act that is the person in the wrong and needs to be punished.

    These people are members of the CFR deep state 1% ruling elite inner circle 5k and their 1% ruling elite cohorts who are promoting Gender Confusion and the lgbtq 21+ flavors of perversion as a normal human rights throughout the world.

    Gender Dysphoria Is Now Protected Under the Americans With Disabilities Act - and It's a Pretty Big Deal - making the abnormal sexual deviancy and self-mutilation of ones body a human right and forcing people who believe making the abnormal normal is in-sane pay for the mutilation. It also encourages our kids to believe gender confusion is normal and something they might want to explore. What's wrong with that??

    Melanie Whyte & @TomJefferson1976 - Yesterday 7:03 PM

    In recent years, conservative politicians have made extreme efforts to restrict access to gender-affirming care. In one example, they directed state health agencies to treat gender-affirming care for trans minors as "child abuse." In another case, they required middle school and high school athletes to show proof of their assigned sex at birth. Most recently, they prohibited discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation in the classroom. But last week, a landmark federal law may have helped set a precedent that could protect transgender people who experience gender dysphoria -- this law is a danger to all families with young children and should be struck down.

    The conservative politicians were correct and their policy is exactly what our courts and all politicians should support. What parent would want to confuse a child of theirs with the notion that gender confusion is a normal rather them to accept their biological sex the determining factor in their gender - men are males and women are female. Tiz as simple as that.

    On Aug. 24, a panel of the Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals announced the decision that the 1990s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) extends to people with gender dysphoria. This effectively reversed the federal ruling in Kesha Williams v. Stacey Kin-caid, where Williams, a transgender woman, sued the Fairfax County sheriff in Virginia for intentionally misgendering her and housing her in a jail with men. (The court origi-nally ruled against Williams and was correct they correctly gendered Williams who is a biological male-- every cell in Williams body said he was a male with an XY sexual branding which cannot be changed no matter what hormonal or surgical procedures were performed on him. And women in a women's prison should be protected from put-ting an insane male in the same prison.) Every member of the panel should be dis-barred for their ludicrous finding.

    The insane have taken over the asylum!

    By acknowledging gender dysphoria under the ADA, it sets a precedent that gender-affirming treatments should be a part of standard medical care. That decision is wrong. Helping a person mutilate their body when the mutilation can in no way alter their bio-logical chromosomal defined sex is insane.

    Gender-affirming care like hormone-replacement therapy should correctly be attacked too. It is just as insane to help a mentally ill person try and alter their biological sex with hormones as with mutilation. It's more important than ever understand that gender dysphoria is a mental disordered caused by band parenting or education. The ADA can protect trans people by recognizing they are mentally ill and committing them to an in-stitution where they can be helped to overcome their mental illness.

    This ruling is a huge win for making the abnormal normal and a human right which is insane.

    There are no transgendered just mentally disturbed individuals confused about gender & a costly societal burden

    Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: ‘Transgendered Men Don’t Become Women,’ They Become ‘Feminized Men,’ ‘Impersonators’

    Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme

    Candace Owens Show - Transgenderism is the new frontier for LGBTQ activists and feminists, but how does it impact our culture, free speech, sports and the children who transition?

    Youth & Sex - Bishop Fulton Sheen

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  • Always very astute. Here Here. Glad to see you're feeling better. A lot of prayers were sent out.

  • That's it! I'm getting a dozen tee shirts with the words "I'M STRAIGHT" in as big letters as I can put on them!

  • Good to see you up and going again Sarah. Speedy recovery from the accident. Prayers.

  • In the famous words of Breitbart, #ThisIsWar … moral America is being attacked by amoral enemies within, and we are all doomed if we don’t resist these forces and fight back, with not equal, but highly tactical, overwhelming force.

  • Where are defense lawyers for this. Straight law.

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