May 31, 2022

Sarah Cain

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North Face is supposed to be an athletic clothes provider, but they have different ideas this year. Let's explore them together. This video is not on YouTube.

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  • This is more like the South Butte.

  • This is way out there! The North Face will fail. Remember, everything WOKE, will go BROKE!!!

  • Can we burn these things yet?

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  • Fuck pride.

  • Yet another company I will be boycotting.

  • This is so extremely disconnected. There is no chance in hell their customer base will accept this. This must be a wonderful indicator of which stocks to short.

  • I'm mid 50's, North Face gear used to be alot better years ago. Now their gear is not nearly as durable. Course advocating faggotry is a deal breaker anyway.

  • The north face is dead to me!

  • Pretty sure no actual "outdoors-types" ever buy NorthFace. Unless we find it at the Thrift Store. It is bought by City Liberals, who DO support this kind of sh*t.
    Nice job, Sarah! Keep poking The Bear!

  • At exactly 61 seconds i had seen and heard to much.

  • Just to be honest, North Face was always city slicker fakeness and perfect for fags. Only yuppies ever wear that stuff seems like to me.

  • you just know the tranny was nude from the waist down under that tent. you saw the look on his face at the end, as he was getting out of the "new glory-hole range of tents" which will be advertised again tomorrow.

  • "Anything goes" advertising seems to work even when it can touch-off a backlash against, say, a sexual minority group;

  • I'll never buy anything with northface on it~

  • Transvestites are not "green". They need lots more air conditioning for that bear of a wig they have on. They need loads of air-conditioning to keep their makeup from melting. The wig was either flown in from hair from India or is made of plastic: not green. All the hair spray is not green. The closets they need for endless clothes is not simple, not green. Makeup is not green. It is made with chemicals. Transvestites are almost always fat. Overeating is NOT green. The "bug" diet should first be implemented by transvestites. Transvestites have a terrible carbon footprint and are bad for the environment.

  • I'll stick with Orvis.

  • Another company to boycott #GetWokeGoBroke

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