May 19, 2021

Sarah Cain

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Fr. Robert McTeigue joined Sarah to talk about the Biden regime's push to require doctors to perform unconscionable mutilations under the auspices of promoting "transgenderism". Further discussed were the so-called 'conservatives' who aren't, as they actively promote Bruce Jenner's candidacy in California under his new name "Caitlyn". Robert McTeigue, S.J., is the author of "Real Philosophy for Real People" and the host of The Catholic Current.

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  • Executive order = Treason (No joke)

  • "lgbt" sophistry-redefines homosexuality as a normal and immutable condition equivalent to heterosexuality & gender as fluid social construct making them states-of-being completely independent of conduct and biological reality - making the abnormal normal is insane - the lgbt creed is self-interest.

    Homosexuality in the high school

  • "What I cannot help taking amiss is that he charges me with being old and one-handed, as if it had been in my power to keep time from passing over me, or as if the loss of my hand had been brought about in some tavern, and not on the grandest occasion the past or present has seen, or the future can hope to see. If my wounds have no beauty to the beholder's eye, they are, at least, honourable in the estimation of those who know where they were received; for the soldier shows to greater advantage dead in battle than alive in flight." – from the Preface to Volume 2 of π˜Ώπ™€π™£ π™Œπ™ͺπ™žπ™­π™€π™©π™š by Miguel de Cervantes

  • This Pastor is controlled opposition , It has been debunked ALREADY . Nothing to see here folks. Unless of course you like to believe everything you see and hear and claim it is real. lol your choice if you want to be a fool.

  • I love watching Sarah's facial expressions as Fr. McTeigue repeatedly hits it out of the park from the start of this excellent video. Bravo for this truthsome effort!

  • video. How sausages are made. About Trans operation. Caution, language and surgical procedure and black humour

  • You want me to watch a video just get your video removed from utube an I will find it an watch lol

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