May 13, 2022

Sarah Cain

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Ruth Sent Us is the name of a new pro-abortion, far-leftist organization, but like all of them; it's not as it seems. It's not a grassroots movement. It's part of the well-funded leftist machine that is trying to undermine our values, and its roots can be traced back to the Communist Party.

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  • Now do "Move Silent Sam", please. Their only presences under that name are a Facebook account and Twitter account. They may be loosely associated with activist groups at UNC, the blog "Silence Sam" and/or SURJ but I haven't been able to find indisputable proof of their ties anywhere. They appear to be largely dedicated to doxxing and harassing private citizens and trying to ruin their lives over disagreement with said citizens' views on politics or society. They're obviously commie, but I want to know where their money comes from.

  • Look deeper and they're all connected to the WEF. Klaus Schwab's army of commie butt-monkeys. You can always tell who they are, they say things such as "Build Back Better" and "Get your covid vaccine to protect others" etc.

  • semen stealing demonic witches that get pregnant just to kill their babies.

  • OMG! Either you have a genius level IQ, or you're very close to it. Your side analogy, outside of the box is dead on. I love watching your podcasts. Keep it going.

  • love your diction Cheers

  • Good job.

  • Ruth Sent Us = Bolsheviks. Strike for Choice, Vigil for Democracy. Sam Spiegel, sounds like a Jew. Unseat. Vara Ramakrishnan. Refuse Fascism. Revolutionary Communist Party. Alliance for Global Justice. American Far Left Evil Doers. Mega Donors.

  • The that comes to mind here is......DEMON-stration?!!!! On the entire thing......SATANISM?!

  • "Ruth sent us" is their name. That suggests a source: Hell. ;)

  • Exactly, they're Communists pure and simple! And the donors are mostly Jews!

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